The Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation invites the NYU community to learn more about practices, appoaches, and methods which promote holistic diversity and inclusion inside the classroom and beyond.

Faculty Produced Content

At NYU, we are fortunate to have scores of faculty whose scholarship focused on inclusion, diversity, belonging, and equity, across disciplines. Below, please find a selection of videos from faculty members about critical inquiry, bias, stereotypes, and more.

  1. Dolly Chugh: "The Person You Mean to Be: How Good People Fight Bias" | Talks at Google
  2. Kenji Yoshino - Uncovering the Hidden Assault on Our Civil Rights
  3. Roscoe Brown - NYU's history of how diversity helped to shape the university
  4. NYU Steinhardt Faculty First-Look - Why is Diversity in Higher Education Important?
  5. Dolly Chugh - How Data Enlighten Our Understanding of Racial Bias
  6. Jay Van Bavel - Group Bias, and Replication
  7. Andrei Cimpian - The Brilliance Barrier: Stereotypes about Brilliance are an Obstacle
  8. Gayatri Gopinath - Queer Spaces/Queer Identities
  9. Wendy Martin - IDEAS: Inventing, designing, and engineering on the autism spectrum


Disabilities, Inclusion and Accessibility Working Group

Syllabi & Accessibility

We recommend including a statement of this sort in your syllabi:

For students needing accommodations

Students requesting academic accommodations are advised to reach out to the The Moses Center for Student Accessibility as early as possible in the semester for assistance.

NYU’s Henry and Lucy The Moses Center for Student Accessibility
726 Broadway, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10003-6675
Telephone: 212-998-4980

For students who would benefit from assistive technology but don't wish to register with Moses CSD, please use: Info and links on CSD website

Additionally, NYU has great resources for digital accessibility:

The Search Process and Bias Mitigation

In this slide deck, learn how to help mitigate bias during a search process.

If you have additional recommendations, we invite you to contact us at: