Many faculty may find it hard to know where to direct students for more support for their particular needs. Here, we have listed resources both internal and external to NYU that provide ongoing support for students through this pandemic.

NYU Resources

  • Center for Multicultural Education and Programs: offers a vast array of educational and social events, programs, and resources that aim to engage, support, empower, and celebrate students of color and those of marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds—throughout NYU’s global network and around the world.
  • Collated Student Resources (Programs, Services, Opportunities), NYU Student Affairs
  • LGBTQ+ Center: creates a welcoming environment for students, faculty, staff, and alumni to develop their understanding of and engage with LGBTQ+ communities through programs, events, learning and development, support, consultation, and resource sharing.
  • Moses Center for Student Accessibility: works with NYU students to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations that support equal access to the learning environment.
  • NYU Connect for Faculty: allows faculty to flag kudos or concerns about their students to their advisors and other support providers.
  • NYU Counseling and Wellness Services: If students are experiencing any difficulties related to mental or emotional well-being, please connect them to the NYU Wellness Exchange hotline (212-443-9999), a free and confidential, 24/7 resource for the NYU community. The Counseling and Wellness Services team offers individual appointments and support groups via Zoom, in addition to speaking via the hotline.

External Resources