The Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation provides NYU community members with a number of in-person learning and development opportunities to help strengthen their capacity for social and cultural equity.

Intergroup Dialogue (IGD)

Intergroup Dialogue (IGD)is a nationally recognized 1 to 3 credit course that brings together small groups of students from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences and gain new knowledge related to identity, diversity, and social justice. This 10-week course is open to all NYU undergraduate students.

Fall 2021 Registration Information

  • School: Silver School of Social Work
  • Course Name: Intergroup Dialogue—Race (UNDSW-US 101)
  • Course Meeting Date and Time: In-person on Fridays from 12:30–2:30 p.m. EDT

If you have questions about registering, contact your advisor or review these detailed instructions on how to register through Albert.

Intro to NYU LGBTQ+

In this one hour session, you receive a brief overview of LGBTQ+ terms and concepts and are introduced to ways in which your group can bolster their support of LGBTQ+ communities.

Zone Learning Sessions

Zone learning sessions are interactive, in-person group sessions designed to provide NYU community members with the education, research, knowledge, and tools to explore concepts related to identity, diversity, and community.

Disability Zone

Explore the intersections of disability status and justice through the critical analysis of language and policy, the works of disability justice activists, and group discussion. During this three-hour session, NYU community members reflect on their practices, gain the tools to actively practice solidarity with people with disabilities, and learn how to create more accessible environments for these same people.

Justice Zone

Develop an understanding of frequently used concepts—such as diversity, equity, and social justice—through the lens of race and racism. Throughout this two-hour session, participants reflect on their own identities and challenge their daily practices to begin a journey toward critical consciousness.

Safe Zone

This three-hour session provides foundational knowledge about LGBTQ+ communities, an understanding of some of the issues these communities face, and an awareness of various LGBTQ+ resources at NYU and beyond.

UndocuZone (formerly DREAM Zone)

This program introduces NYU community members to issues and challenges the undocumented community faces by utilizing global concepts and terminology, historical information, and policies and procedures that focus on individuals in this community.

Additional Zone Learning Sessions 


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