In 2020, a group with representation from across NYU was formed to identify proactive and strategic actions in the twelve thematic areas highlighted through the Being@NYU data, as well as to respond to salient and relevant climate issues. Each BeTogether committee was tasked with making concrete recommendations that aligned with the following goals. Recommendations are currently under review.


  • Build on the research and data from Being@NYU as a guide to innovate new research and programs focused on thematic areas highlighted by data and recommendations and to respond to salient and relevant climate issues
  • Identify proactive and strategic action steps that build on the scale of NYU to advance and implement equity and inclusion best practices (even through contestation, difficulty, and disagreement); particular emphasis on implementation, pedagogy (includes focus on anti-racism, microaggressions, anti-discrimination, and bias mitigation), learning and research development.
  • Develop online programs (remote learning) and sustainable delivery models focused on global DEI, internal learning and research development, pedagogy, and programs
  • Leverage and highlight School, Department, and Unit Assets, Opportunity Programs, and Growth Models, particularly regarding local and global diversity across NYU; related focus on industry, and external partnerships including alumni
  • Emphasize and encourage trans-generational and cross-generational efforts and imaginations to innovate parity; with equitable practices and policy implementation which focus on globally diverse communities (specific to particular constituencies at macro and micro levels)
  • Identify existing structures (e.g. committees, governance groups, forms, assessments) that can be leveraged to advance and embed sustainable change into practice across the University

BeTogether Committees

We are grateful to the university community members and stakeholders who have served on the committees and have developed recommendations between summer 2020 through summer 2021. To view a list of members for each BeTogether committee, select from the list below.