We, in the Office of Global Inclusion (OGI), Diversity, and Strategic Innovation, remain committed to all of our NYU communities and partners all over the world. At NYU, we are a diverse, dynamic, and global community with outstanding students, faculty, and staff working together to be the best we can be.

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In OGI, we work across NYU sites, campuses, and schools to strategically create, foster, and sustain more equitable and inclusive connections, systems, and structures to navigate the present and guide us as we embark on our interconnected futures.

In 2017-18 the community came together, and over 21,000 joined the dialogue. Through the Being@NYU assessment, we have had the opportunity to voice and reflect on who we have been and where we are. With this foundation, we can build, grow, and reimagine where we want to go as a globally dynamic, innovative, diverse, and entrepreneurial community. As we continue to engage across all facets of our NYU community, we learn from our strengths and areas of improvement. We engage opportunities to build upon our individual contributions, and, through our communal inputs, make not only what we do better, but who we are collectively - more engaged and stronger TOGETHER.

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Global Scholars & Innovators Series (GSI)

The GSI Series spotlights artists, writers, leaders, innovators, legal scholars, scientists, and others whose work has often been path-breaking and foundational within their own disciplines and fields. These individuals also amplify interdisciplinary and intersectional global histories related to the institutional structuring of race, gender, sexuality, ability, geography, religion, carceral, and/or socioeconomic statuses, as well as other aspects of personal, national, and/or socio-cultural identities.

NYU Reads

NYU Reads brings the NYU community together around a single common reading, chosen by a University committee made up of faculty, student, and administrator representatives. Building on our undergraduate schools’ first-year reading programs, NYU Reads extends this dialogue beyond Welcome Week and opens it up to the entire University community.

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