We, in the Office of Global Inclusion (OGI), Diversity, and Strategic Innovation, remain committed to all of our NYU communities and partners all over the world. At NYU, we are a diverse, dynamic, and global community with outstanding students, faculty, and staff working together to be the best we can be.

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In OGI, we work across NYU sites, campuses, and schools to strategically create, foster, and sustain more equitable and inclusive connections, systems, and structures to navigate the present and guide us as we embark on our interconnected futures.

In 2017-18 the community came together, and over 21,000 joined the dialogue. Through the Being@NYU assessment, we have had the opportunity to voice and reflect on who we have been and where we are. With this foundation, we can build, grow, and reimagine where we want to go as a globally dynamic, innovative, diverse, and entrepreneurial community. As we continue to engage across all facets of our NYU community, we learn from our strengths and areas of improvement. We engage opportunities to build upon our individual contributions, and, through our communal inputs, make not only what we do better, but who we are collectively - more engaged and stronger TOGETHER.

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In many ways, it seems that COVID-19 has pressed at existing fractures in the very foundations of our global communities and we are all experiencing disruption across a continuum of differential impacts. Additionally, we are all very aware of the increased media coverage foregrounding persistent violence and racism against Black people and other marginalized communities, sparking calls to action across the nation - and globally. These incidents have brought fault lines and disparities to the forefront that are new for some; however, a daily reality for many. Such oppression is not new, nor surprising; it is ongoing, deeply rooted, and woven into many of our collective systems and practices, and have emerged thematically throughout our own Being@NYU assessment. The work of OGI has been central to strengthening our NYU community and the broader global communities in which we live. However, the present moment has pressed upon us the urgency of this work, the accelerated work that we must ALL do to address issues of racism, sexism, heterosexism, xenophobia, ableism, etc., and the need to engage the benefits of and build on the strength of our diversity within our local and global communities.


At NYU, and in OGI, in particular, we continue to address the execrable legacies of racism and structural inequities, we must confront systemic oppressions as a global community. Coming TOGETHER in partnership and collaboration with our students, faculty, and staff. We must highlight and deliver co-curricular programs, including increased inclusive pedagogical, research, and learning tools, as we again all navigate the now, and what is to come next. We recognize that in moments of disruption, there are opportunities to forge new partnerships, to experiment with new platforms and ways of being, as well as occasions for us all to come TOGETHER through strategies that we have yet to explore. It is up to us to make changes now, to change what we do, and to identify how we will take action.

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NYU BeTogether

Therefore, OGI, and our partners, are launching NYU - BeTogether - a new initiative that will build upon the lessons learned from initiatives such as Being@NYU to strengthen our community. NYU - BeTogether will focus on a) implementation and action steps on themes from Being@NYU to address climate DEI issues and disparities; b) enhance programmatic, pedagogical, learning and research development opportunities, as well as examine and execute best practices for students, faculty, and staff, stemming from what we have learned from the pandemic and, in particular, the disparate impact on specific communities; and, c) forge innovative pathways to improve equity and address legacies of inequality that are coupled with practices that sustain locally and globally connected inclusive communities, including how we leverage alumni and external partners.

Specifically, NYU BeTogether will:

  1. Build on the research and data from Being@NYU as a guide to innovate new research and programs focused on thematic areas highlighted by data and recommendations and to respond to salient and relevant climate issues
  2. Identify proactive and strategic action steps that build on the scale of NYU to advance and  implement equity and inclusion best practices (even through contestation, difficulty, and disagreement); particular emphasis on implementation, pedagogy (includes focus on anti-racism, microaggressions, anti-discrimination, and bias mitigation), learning and research development.
  3. Develop online programs (remote learning) and sustainable delivery models focused on global DEI, internal learning and research development, pedagogy, and programs 
  4. Leverage and highlight School, Department, and Unit Assets, Opportunity Programs, and Growth Models, particularly regarding local and global diversity across NYU; related focus on industry, and external partnerships including alumni
  5. Emphasize and encourage trans-generational and cross-generational efforts and imaginations to innovate parity; with equitable practices and policy implementation which focus on globally diverse communities (specific to particular constituencies at macro and micro levels)
  6. Identify existing structures (e.g. committees, governance groups, forms, assessments) that can be leveraged to advance and embed sustainable change into practice across the University

A committee has been formed with representation from across all of NYU (including global campuses and sites). We anticipate new pedagogical initiatives, theatre productions, hackathons, solvathons, and all types of emerging strategies and ideas that will be co-created with our students, faculty, staff, and will also include alumni engagement. These will be strategies that allow us to sustain, build, and act. More information is forthcoming.  

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Our NYU community is ingenious and resilient, global in our reach and experiences; we have built upon our past, reimagined, recreated, and innovated our present. We are more than equipped to grow from what we learn; to forge new paths; to be increasingly inventive, nimble, and entrepreneurial; and, in doing so, create, sustain, and grow diverse, equitable, anti-racist, anti-sexist, inclusive, dynamic, and global NYU communities and beyond - for our future. Because, as we know, whether we like it, agree or disagree, we are in it, so let’s figure it out - NYU BeTogether

NYU BeTogether Events

Global Scholars & Innovators Series (GSI)

The Office of Global Inclusion, Diversity, and Strategic Innovation (OGI) in partnership with NYU Reads, the Office of the Provost, NYU Libraries, NYU Press, along with School-based partners, and other offices across NYU, is pleased to announce NYU BeTogether’s new GLOBAL SCHOLARS & INNOVATORS SERIES (GSI). The GSI Series will spotlight artists, writers, leaders, innovators, legal scholars, scientists, and others whose work has often been path-breaking and foundational within their own disciplines and fields. These individuals also amplify interdisciplinary and intersectional global histories related to the institutional structuring of race, gender, sexuality, ability, geography, religion, carceral, and/or socioeconomic statuses, as well as other aspects of personal, national, and/or socio-cultural identities.

Many of the GSI events will complement the fall NYU Reads selection Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by NYU Law’s Aronson Family Professor of Criminal Justice Bryan Stevenson, and the OGI NYU Summer Reads. As part of the action initiatives announced by President Hamilton and the NYU Board of Trustees, this series aims to engage transdisciplinary scholarship toward taking action.

NYU BeTogether Past Events