Celebrate 25 Years with the NYU LGBTQ+ Center!

For the past 25 years, the NYU LGBTQ+ Center has been a critical resource for our LGBTQ+ and ally students, faculty, staff, and alumni by providing student groups, education and development opportunities, leadership programs, policy and practice development, consultation, and support. For many, the Center has not only been a resource and space for finding community, but has played a vital role in strengthening the larger NYU community and its efforts to be more inclusive and equitable.

Giving to the NYU LGBTQ+ Center

Help us build the future of the Center by supporting our LGBTQ+ students, leaders, researchers, and scholars with a gift to one of the following funds.  Please email should you have questions.

Photo of Christopher with smiling student

Increase LGBTQ+ Student Emergency Funds

Research and experience indicates that LGBTQ+ students are more susceptible to unforeseen emergencies and life-impacting situations because of how they identify in terms of their gender and sexuality. Often, experiences derived from an individual’s LGBTQ+ identity mean loss of support systems, whether from families, friends, or larger institutions. The Greg Albanis (WSC ’78, Wagner ’80) and Richard Harrison LGBTQ+ Student Emergency Fund supports NYU students who are in immediate need of financial support.

Expand LGBTQ+ Student Leadership

Expand the scope and reach of leadership programs that are offered to students by the LGBTQ+ Center (e.g., First Year Queers & Allies, Queer Leadership Retreat, attending the Creating Change Conference, NYU LGBTQ+ Center Fellowship Program, and more)


Photo of two students at QLR retreat

Andy Marra speaking at event

Advance LGBTQ+ Research & Scholarship

In partnership with the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality, establish an LGBTQ+ Research Grant intended to support LGBTQ+ research and scholars who are members of the NYU community. Graduate students (Master’s and Doctoral), postdoctoral scholars, and faculty would be eligible to apply for the research grant.