A person wearing a red mask, sitting in a wheelchair while raising both arms up in the air.

Anyone can be disabled at any time. To be disability inclusive is to be prepared to include and welcome everyone, always. Unique among institutions of higher education, NYU is committed to establishing institutional disability inclusive culture.

Disability inclusion—a longstanding priority for NYU leadership, faculty, staff, and students—emerged as NYU Senate and Provostial priorities following the 2015 NYU town hall conversations focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Surveys and research guided the creation of data-driven strategies to realize disability inclusive culture, especially in classroom settings. Housed within the Office of Global Inclusion, Disability Inclusive Culture leads initiatives informed by both cultural understandings and evidence-based best practices centering disability inclusion.

Disability inclusive culture at NYU is inherently intersectional. NYU is responsive to how experiences of and perspectives on disability vary across identities, demographics, cultures, geographic places, physical locations, and moments in time and in history.

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Screenshot of smiling participants in Zoom participating in Disability Inclusive Classrooms for Faculty session.

Learning and Development

OGI provides practical, actionable disability inclusion guidance for all of NYU's faculty, administrators, staff, and students. Sessions on integrating disability inclusion have been facilitated for Campus Safety, Student Affairs, NYU Abu Dhabi, NYU Shanghai, and faculty and students from various departments across the university.

Additionally, consultation services are available to faculty, staff, and departments who want to integrate disability inclusion into their work.

Disability Inclusion Toolkits

Campus partners have created toolkits to support and sustain disability inclusion across NYU’s global community. We invite you to review the list below, which represents a selection of the disability inclusion resources available at NYU.

Image of people at a reception at NYU, some of whom are wearing masks over their noses and mouths, have hearing aids, and are holding white canes.

Faculty and Staff: Employment Disability Resources

Current and prospective faculty and staff can use the drop-down lists below to find resources for disability employment accommodations and disability inclusion throughout NYU.

Student and Alumni Disability Resources

Current students, prospective students, and alumni can use the drop-down lists below to find resources for disability accommodations, disability inclusion, and disability support throughout NYU.

Get Involved

Disabilities, Inclusion and Accessibility (DIA) Working Group

The DIA Provostial Working Group members are staff, faculty, students, and researchers from across the university. The DIA committee meetings provide a forum to discuss and coordinate disability inclusive culture at NYU. DIA initiatives have included improving accessibility and physical infrastructure, building relationships across the university, and raising familiarity and awareness.

Programs and Events

OGI organizes and co-sponsors many events each year that spotlight disabled people of diverse backgrounds and life experiences.

Global Scholars and Innovators Series: A Conversation on Disability Inclusive Culture with Faculty and Students

Christina Beck, Dr. María Rosa Brea, Cheyenne Leonard, and Dr. Kristie Patten discuss the past, present, and future of disability inclusive culture at NYU, as well as alignments and differences between student and faculty experiences.