Spring Welcome will launch in January and will be filled with hundreds of programs throughout the first few weeks of the Spring semester. This page outlines engagement opportunities during and after Spring Welcome.

Getting Involved

As students start to settle into their routine, so do reconnections through clubs, student councils, activities boards, school co-hort groups, and student-focused centers and departments.  

A virtual Club Fest will kick off opportunities to join clubs across the University and all kinds of interests -- from social to spirtual, academic to political, performing to competing, and more!



Welcome to the new NYU Engage -- NYU’s online community that connects students to clubs, organizations, and virtual and in-person events.   

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Club Fest

February 10
Meet with student representatives from more than 300+ clubs and learn how to get involved! Club Fest will take place throughout the weekend. Got a question? Ask NYU Club Life at clublife@nyu.edu.

Residential Students

Once students are settled into their residences, a number of outreach programs will begin to connect students with staff, faculty members, Resident Assistants, and one another within their respective halls.  Students can expect the following:

  • Welcome letters from RAs to each student on their floor/cluster. You should have already received your letter at your NYU email account. You can also be in touch with your building leadership team!
  • Professional staff hosted community meetings.
  • First floor/cluster meetings hosted by RAs over the next week, which will include time to discuss behavior expectations and ice breakers so the students will be able to start getting to know each other.
  • RAs will host a weekly remote engagement program for the first six weeks.
  • RAs will connect with students through a one-on-one conversation over the next five weeks.  Information from these conversations will guide other programming and engagement plans.

In addition to RA outreach and programming, students can expect to hear about opportunities to participate and join Hall Councils. This will include a two week officer recruitment period, followed by hall elections. Elections will be followed by a leadership retreat and then move into regular meeting and program planning. 

Faculty Fellows in Residence (FFIR)

The Faculty Fellow-In-Residence program brings together faculty living in residence with students in residence to create intimate "learning communities" for students by integrating their academic experiences with their residential lives.  FFIRs will be reaching out to residents and offering remote programs and engagement opportunities in their respective buildings.

The Inter-Residence Hall Council (IRHC) is the umbrella organization for all hall councils within each residence hall at NYU. The IRHC promotes community building, service and advocacy for students living on campus, as well as the NYU community at large. It's a great way to meet others in your hall and across the University!

The Commuter Student Council is the voice of commuter students, while also working to enhance student life for NYU commuters by providing opportunities for students to meet and socialize, to get involved in campus life and make the most of their NYU experience. If you want to make your voice heard, get involved with the CSC!

Class Activities Boards (CAB, for short) is a great way for NYU undergraduate students to get involved with campus life, meet active students, plan fun events, and gain valuable leadership experience.  

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Religious & Spiritual Life

Religious and spiritual life at NYU includes four major religious centers, a Chaplains' Circle, and various student-run clubs that focus on nearly every faith-based community. Virtual prayer meetings, services, and social opportunities are being offered almost daily. Check NYU Mobile Welcome events for a upcoming events.


MindfulNYU is the award-winning meditation, mindfulness, and contemplative life initiative that promotes wisdom, compassion, and well-being on campus — and beyond. In addition to curating resources that are available online, MindfulNYU hosts virtual yoga classes, group meditation, and mindfulness workshops.

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Social Justice & Diversity

Explore a variety of programs, services, and centers on campus that foster our uniquely diverse and engaged community. The Center for Multicultural Education and Programs (CMEP) is host to diversity education and training, as well as cultural and social justice events throughout the year. The NYU LGBTQ+ Center offers support, hosts programs, and nurtures a tightly-knit community for students to thrive in an inclusive and supportive campus

Career & Networking

Actively work towards your career goals.

Academic Success

Prepare for the semester ahead.

Service & Civic Engagement


Many NYC and global community organizations are seeking virtual volunteers. Opportunities range from assistance with technology meetings, writing words of encouragement to those in hospitals, and even transcription of historical documents.

Voting is an important civic duty as a U.S. citizen and we want to ensure that all eligible voters in the NYU Community have the necessary voter registration tools to be ready to cast ballots this year.

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Things to do on your own time

Looking for something to do that's on your schedule?  Check out this list of options that include student videos, how-to-tutorials, campus resources, podcasts, virtual tours, virtual volunteering, games, and more.

Connect with Peer Leaders

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Students serve in a variety of leadership roles and bring important experience and guidance to other students in a number of areas. Throughout the semester, Peer Leaders (CAs, TAs, RAs, etc), connect with students through regular check-ins, provide programming opportunites for students to connect (virtually),  and help students navigate all that NYU has to offer!