NYU MLK Week 2018 University-Wide Event

Welcome Remarks | NYU AVP for Student Affairs and Diversity Initatives, Monroe France


NYU MLK Week Humanitarian Award Acceptance Speech | NYU Grad Film Tenured Professor, Spike Lee


Panel Discussion | Moderator, Clay Cane and Panelists, Munroe Bergdorf, Charles Blow, and Amanda Seales


Thurs. February 8th, 2018 | Skirball Center | 566 LaGuardia Place 

We have a need for an intersectional movement on our hands, and it can not be done without the voices of activists and change agents across all platforms.  The essence of our 13th annual  NYU MLK Week celebration truly means that we are beyond a time of trying to start a revolution, but rather, are living in a time that needs to be revolutionary.

The highlight of NYU MLK Week 2018 will be the University-Wide Event on Thursday, February 8th. The event will feature Oscar Award-winning writer, actor, producer, author, and NYU Grad Film tenured professor, Spike Lee who will be receiving this year's MLK Humanitarian Award. Panelists for the evening will include comedian, actress, writer, and producer, Amanda Seales; model and social activist, Munroe Bergdorf; and The New York Times columnist, author, and political commentator, Charles Blow; in conversation with author, journalist, and television commentator, Clay Cane. With a performance by Amy León, NYU Alum, musician, poet, activist, and educator.