Image of Dr. Pat Carey with text, 'Dr. Patricia M. Carey Changemaker Award'

Headshot - Mehrin Ali

Undergraduate Award Recipient

Mehrin Ali (CAS ’22)

Mehrin Ali (she/her/hers) has been a trailblazing leader in the betterment of historically marginalized communities—both at New York University and in New York City. Much like the efforts and commitment exhibited by Dr. King and Dr. Carey, Mehrin exudes kindness and compassion and harbors a deep commitment to change as she engages with people across differences.

Headshot - Khadija Kamara

Graduate Award Recipient

Khadija Kamara (GPH ’22)

Working from an intersectional perspective, Khadija Kamara (she/her/hers) serves alongside historically marginalized communities to effect change. In addition to teaching people with a range of disabilities and engaging in racial and gender work on a global scale, Khadija worked as a contract tracer during COVID-19. In alignment with the leadership of Dr. King and Dr. Carey, Khadija leads with humility, compassion, and a spirit of change-making, specifically through a lens of public health.