Image of Dr. Pat Carey with text, 'Dr. Patricia M. Carey Changemaker Award'

The Dr. Patricia M. Carey Changemaker Award is presented to one undergraduate and one graduate student leader who embodies humility, compassion, and strong character. Serving as advocates for the betterment of communities across difference, this award recognizes two individuals who serve as advocates for the betterment of communities across difference and personify what it means to be leaders and changemakers. The recipients of this award demonstrate a commitment to enriching and providing service to their communities as exemplified by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Dr. Patricia M. Carey (Steinhardt, PhD ’82). 

Nominations for the Dr. Patricia M. Carey Changemaker Award may be submitted by students, faculty, staff/administrators, alumni, or other members of the NYU community.

Headshot of Enid M. Acevedo Colón

Undergraduate Award Recipient

Enid M. Acevedo Colón (Tisch ’24)

Enid Acevedo Colón (she/her/hers) embodies leadership and a commitment of service to communities throughout NYU, NYC, and on the island of Puerto Rico. Aligned with the teachings and prolific examples of leadership exhibited by Dr. King and Dr. Carey, Enid exemplifies humility, compassion, and a spirit of change-making.

Headshot of Regina Wu

Graduate Award Recipient

Regina Wu | 伍嘉嫣 (Silver ’23)

Regina Wu (they/them/their; ta/祂/X也) is a change agent working to advocate for historically marginalized communities at New York University both in New York and Shanghai. Their commitment to service and social justice—as a budding social worker and student leader—has expanded the role and understanding of intersectionality among individuals, contributing to the legacies of Dr. King and Dr. Carey.

Award recipients will be celebrated at the NYU MLK Week University-Wide Event on Thursday, February 16, 2023.