NYU TISCH’s Diverse Faculty Mentoring Program, brainchild of Graduate Acting alum –actor Victor Williams and Graduate Acting Chair- Mark Wing-Davey, aims to deepen and widen the pool of emerging faculty from underrepresented groups in the fields of voice, speech and/or movement. Each year, the program invites a few alumni of the NYU TISCH Graduate Acting Program or similar graduate conservatories to observe and work with experienced faculty in these fields. Through mentorship and experience, mentees in the program are supported and prepared to pursue teaching, so that future generations of students will have the support of faculty that more comprehensively mirrors the voices and bodies of the students themselves. The Vice Provost is proud to co-sponsor such an inspirational approach to enhancing faculty diversity through innovative alumni engagement.

To learn more about the NYU TISCH Diverse Faculty Mentorship Program, please contact Professor Mark Wing-Davey at mwd4@nyu.edu.