Emphasizing common spaces, the Paulson Center’s design gracefully accommodates its many uses. By moving circulation to the building’s perimeter and through the second floor “Commons,” the design encourages interactions between students and faculty, athletes and artists, residents and audience members. The unique combination of both formal and casual spaces fosters connection between people and makes NYU’s vibrancy and diversity visible for observers.

Places to Socialize

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The Commons

The Commons

The Commons

Located in the heart of the Paulson Center, the Commons can be found at the center of the second floor.  There you will find open tables and chairs, Cafe 181, and our latest art installation.

The Commons is open during general building hours.

Recommended Access:
Enter any entrance and take the nearest stairs or elevator to the second floor and move to the center of the building.

Public Atrium and South Lobby

North atrium

North public atrium

The public atrium on the north side and the lobby on the south side both serve as welcoming primary entrances to the Paulson Center.  The public atrium features a wide open space with benches and leads to both a student and academic entrance plus the athletic facilities entrance.  The south lobby also has seating and serves as the other academic entrance and primary entrance for theatre guests.

Public Atrium Hours:
Sun–Thu:  8:00 a.m.–8:00 p.m.
Fri–Sat:    8:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
A campus safety officer is present 24 hours, 7 days a week to allow student housing residents and their registered guests in after hours.

South Lobby Hours:
Open during general building hours

Recommended Access:
North atrium – enter any entrance along Bleecker St.
South lobby – enter at the corner of Houston St. and the Greene St. Walkway

Sky Lobby and Terrace

Sky lobby

Sky lobby

Need a respite from the bustling city below?  Hungry for a quick meal?  The Sky Lobby and terrace is your destination.  Featuring an open skylight, lounge seating, and the Crave dining café and seating, you can certainly find a moment to relax here.  The outdoor terrace also provides spectacular unobstructed views of the surrounding Greenwich Village neighborhood.

Sky Lobby – open during general building hours
Outdoor terrace – currently only open for special events

Recommended Access:
Enter at the corner of Bleecker and Mercer streets and take the elevator or stairs to the sixth floor.

Open Lounges

Open lounge

Open lounge on the seventh floor

Located throughout the building, our open lounges are the perfect space for a quick drop-in to study, prepare for a class, or catch up with friends and colleagues.  These lounges are located throughout the building but are mainly clustered near the southwest, northwest, and northeast corner of the second to seveth floors.

Open lounges may be used during general building hours

Recommended Access:
Enter at either the corner of Bleecker St. and Mercer St. or Houston St. and Greene St. and take the elevator or stairs to any floor between the second and seventh.