Lobby Customer Service Window

Monday through Friday between 10am and 4pm only. (Serving the University community and students using Campus Cash and/or regular cash):

  • Sorting of all incoming and inter-campus mail and parcels
  • Metering of all outgoing U.S. & international mail & parcels (including Certified, Registered, Insured and Express Mail)
  • UPS Overnight, 2nd Day, Ground, and International Service
  • In-house consultation on all Postal regulations and procedures
  • In-house Certified Mail Piece Design consultants
  • Request for Postage stamps (limited to 400)  

The following services are provided Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm:

(Daily inter-office mail, parcel and mail delivery and pickup on campus locations)

  • One daily mail delivery and pick up to 11 West 42nd St, 84th Street
  • IFA – 1 East 78th St
  • College of Dentistry/College of Nursing
  • School of Medicine
  • NYU Medical Center and V.A. Hospital.
  • Delivery service and mail pick up to 15 Barclay St and all off-campus residence halls every Tuesday and Friday only

Bulk Non-Profit Mailing Rate

Standard Mail (formerly 3rd Class)

  • Minimum of 200 or more like pieces.
  • Mailings containing the following information cannot be mailed at the Non-Profit rate per Postal regulations: invoices, dental or medical billing, housing statements, tuition statements, and joint travel advertisement unless solely related to the University, mailings which promote joint ventures with a For-profit organization.

Periodicals (formerly 2nd Class)

  • Strictly used for NYU Bulletin Mailings at this time. Periodicals rate may also be used for Journals publishing at least 4 issues per year. Contact Logistics and Distribution Services at ext. 81010 for further information.

For further information on mailings, mail piece design and Postal regulations, please contact Logistics and Distribution Services at (212) 998-1010.

Personal Mail

Any package received at NYU Logistics and Distribution Services and perceived to be of "personal nature" will be processed in the following manner:

Logistics and Distribution Services will research the NYU Directory for a phone number and/or an e-mail address for the intended addressee. The person will be contacted and, if not spoken to directly, be left a voice or e-mail message informing them of a package being held at Logistics and Distribution Services and the person will be asked to call to arrange receipt.

If no response after 5 business days, the department or individual will be contacted for further information or directions. If no response after 10 business days and no information as to who the package belongs to or how it would be claimed, the package will be returned to the sender and will be endorsed Undeliverable As Addressed - Addressee Unknown.