Reserving a Space

1) Request a KimmelOneStop account if you do not have one already (using NYU email).

2) a) If you have an account already request the template here.

    b) If you already have the template from last semester send us updated paperwork*

3) Email us your paperwork* or drop it off on the 6th floor of the Kimmel Center (Suite 605). 

4) Upon completion of these steps please allow 2-3 business days for approval.

5) Once you receive a confirmation email you can use your KimmelOneStop account.

*A letter of authorization from your academic department and a copy of your current class schedule from Albert.

Policies and Guidelines

Violation of any of these policies and regulations will result in the revoking of your reservation privileges for the semester.

  1. Eligible students must be matriculated during the semester they request to book space. Students must be enrolled in a course that requires additional rehearsal/audition space. Only select courses are eligible to utilize this service.
  2. Rehearsal/Audition accounts are only active for the duration of one class term. After which, the Rehearsal/Audition template is deactivated.
  3. Reservations can only be made seven days prior to anticipated event date and no later than 24 hours prior to the anticipated start time.
  4. Reservations cannot exceed two hours in one day.
  5. Rooms are provided "As Is" and media equipment is not provided. Furniture may not be removed from the rooms nor used to prop doors open. Rooms must be returned to their original condition (i.e. chairs cannot be left stacked). Groups who do not return the room to its original state will be penalized with a strike -- two strikes result in a loss of rehearsal/audition privileges. 
  6. If you anticipate non-NYU attendees to your rehearsal/audition, please submit a Guest Pass to the Kimmel Center Public Safety guard (located in the lobby) prior to your anticipated start time. You can also pick up a physical version of this form in our office.
  7. Videotaping is permitted but must be confined within the room.
  8. Reservations must be canceled 24-hours prior to the event. You may do so in your KOS account. Day-of cancellations must be notified to the Kimmel Operations office by phone. 
  9. After three no-shows, your reservation privileges will be revoked for the semester.