Kimmel Windows, LaGuardia and W 3rd Street, MIXED

Photo Credit © CYJO


Kimmel Galleries is New York University’s concourse for art and art education. It offers unique exhibit space for dynamic public art and serves as a creative laboratory for student, faculty, and departmental art initiatives. Kimmel Galleries serves to cultivate and develop university-wide relationships to foster support and visibility for artistic projects and to unify NYU art programs.

The Helen & Martin Kimmel Center for University Life is the epicenter of activity for NYU undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, departments, alumni, and guests. The Kimmel Galleries were founded in 2003, conceived as a space for public art and intended to provide visually engaging, thought provoking exhibitions to support New York University’s diverse community. Kimmel Galleries is the only space among the over 20 galleries located at NYU not affiliated with any specific program, school or cultural house, and uniquely integrates art with NYU life. The gallery program consists of three spaces located throughout the Kimmel | Global Center: the Windows Gallery, the Spiritual Life Gallery, and the Stovall Family Gallery. It is the goal of the Kimmel Galleries exhibition program to encourage conversation and to inspire appreciation for diverse artistic practices. The gallery program hosts art and multimedia exhibitions produced within the NYU community and beyond.





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