A woman seated in the studio for an interview, with a backdrop, bright light, and monitor

NYU-TV's Television Center is home to a versatile built-in studio. From single camera productions to multi-camera productions with powerpoint presentations, the TV Center studio can be configured to meet a variety of needs.

The studio is available as a space-only rental or with professional equipment and NYU-TV production crew.



See inside the studio...


  • 20' x 30' black walls with partial blue chroma key wall (for "green screen" effects)
  • Ideal for interviews, testimonials, conversations, podcasts, oral histories, and more


  • Professional studio A/V monitoring systems
  • Digital switcher for up to 6 inputs, ppt. and video capture, and live graphics insertion
  • Multiple format capabilities for recording and playback
  • Teleprompter  


  • Variety of audio equipment available, including sound mixers and and microphone options (handhelds, lavaliers, and boom mics).
  • Zoom H6 audio recorders available for DSLR video productions


  • 24-position lighting grid
  • Lighting board
  • Optional portable light kits