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There are many ways to distribute content to your intended audience - NYU-TV can help you to get your videos out there in the ideal format for each medium.

Live Webcasting

Give your event a worldwide reach! NYU-TV can webcast your events live, either with an embeddable player on your site or directly on NYU-TV's live streaming page. You have the option of a public or password-protected stream. Once your event is over, an archive of the video can be available immediately, and detailed viewership statistics can be sent upon request. Simulcasting to overflow rooms is also available.

Digital Distribution

NYU Stream: For easy posting on NYU sites for the public to view, or without embedding as a simple way to make content exclusive to the NYU community

VOD: Include your video in NYU-TV's video on demand library

Web-ready digital files: H.264 files for streaming media platforms  

Audio files: To use with the podcasting service of your choice

Digital file delivery can occur via NYU Box, Google Drive, or on a hard drive.

Broadcast on NYU-TV

For some very special events relevant to the majority of NYU students in New York, live broadcast on the Academic Network is possible. Contact us for more information.