Who We Serve

NYU-TV's production and post-production services are available on campus to NYU divisions, schools, departments, or groups. NYU-TV's Happenings Channel is available in many academic buildings around the Washington Square campus. 


Videos that will be shown publicly, on the web (including webcasts) or elsewhere, must have all content legally cleared for use, whether through licensing, fair use, or the public domain. See NYU's copyright and fair use page for more details. 


Notice to Audience (PDF) - If your event has an audience, these signs can serve as their consent to be filmed. Please note these signs will not cover releases for individual speakers/presenters.

Other Media Resources at NYU

The Digital Studio - With their equipment and guidance, you can transfer analog media to digital media, use video editing software, and more on the 5th floor of Bobst. They also offer consultations on digital scholarship, eLearning, instructional technology, and digital publishing.

Campus Media - They provide a broad inventory of audio and video systems, laptops, projectors, and more for both classroom and event use.

Kimmel Media - Providers of audio/visual equipment and support at Kimmel.

Instructional Technology - If your video needs are part of an instructional technology plan, these resources can help.

Tutorials for NYU Stream - How to use NYU's password-protected video streaming site to its fullest.

Accessible Video & Audio - Guidelines for accessible media. You'll need to ensure that any finished, public-facing video we deliver to you is adequately captioned.