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The Schwartz Plaza Virtines Windows, under the aegis of Stern School of Business, in collaboration with other programs and schools including the Provost’s Office, which facilitates the display of art in outdoor spaces around campus.

Transcending Love

Transcending Love by B. Proud

Transcending Love by B. Proud

Location, Hours, and Contact

Schwartz Plaza Virtines are visible 24/7 in the brick passage-way between Bobst Library and Stern, directly south of Washington Square East and across from founder's memorial.

Installation of Maurren O'Leary Paintings by David L. Arsenault, scenic designer

Installation of Maurren O'Leary Paintings by David L. Arsenault, scenic designer

Current Exhibit

Portraits of Ireland’s Easter Rising Leaders by Maureen O'Leary is an exhibition in collaboration with Glucksman Ireland House, NYU's center for the study of Ireland and its diaspora.

For more information, visit here: Portraits of the Leaders of the Easter Rising, On View through June 17, 2022

Past Exhibits

​​Transcending Love offers an intimate glimpse into the relationships of transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming couples across the USA with hopes  to open hearts and minds to a community long-deserving of respect and basic human rights.

The project was begun in response to the aggressive bigotry being levied by the previous political administration and the general lack of understanding and acceptance by our society.

Visibility matters. For the transgender community, it is validating. But it is also means to educate the broader population.

These photographs hope to open that door by showing that it is the heart and soul of a person that truly matters and that everyone is worthy of the love they truly deserve.The subjects show an array of relationships, all with the common thread of people being their true, authentic selves and falling in love.

About the Artist:

B. Proud. It’s the name that’s on her birth certificate, and it’s a name she must live up to. Artist/Activist Barbara Proud creates documentary projects celebrating the LGBTQ+ community as a means of educating through visibility.   

B. Proud is on the faculty at ICP ( The International Center of Photography), in NYC and the University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

Transcending Love, focuses on transgender couples and families across the country. Traveling to 24 states to date, Proud is determined to make a difference if only by changing one mind at a time.