Safe Sex (1985) by Keith Haring, included in Art After Stonewall, 1969–1989 at the Grey Art Gallery

"Safe Sex" (1985) by Keith Haring, included in Art After Stonewall, 1969–1989 at the Grey Art Gallery

Exhibitions organized by the Grey Art Gallery encompass aspects of all the visual arts: painting, sculpture, drawing and printmaking, photography, architecture and decorative arts, video, film, and performance. In addition to originating its own exhibitions, some of which travel throughout the United States and abroad, the Grey hosts traveling exhibitions. Award-winning scholarly publications, distributed worldwide, are published by the Grey Art Gallery. In conjunction with its exhibitions, the Grey also sponsors public programs, including lectures, symposia, panel discussions, and films.


The Grey Art Gallery, New York University’s fine arts museum, enables and encourages transformative encounters with works of art. Engaging with challenging issues in the study of material culture, the Grey serves as a museum-laboratory, sparking interdisciplinary scholarship. Uniquely positioned to cultivate visual literacy and critical thinking, the Grey shares NYU’s fundamental commitment as a global research university to advance knowledge of different cultures, contexts, and histories across time. Welcoming dialogue, the Grey fosters experiential learning through its collections and participates in the cultural, intellectual, and environmental spheres of NYU’s Global Network, of New York City, and of the broader world.



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