The mural is located on windows of Warren Weaver Hall

The mural is on the windows of Warren Weaver hall.

Stacey Kurtz (Keating)
The Foundations of Mathematics
Acrylic (on Masonite Board)
60 x 10 feet

Across four sections the mural illustrates the foundational pillars of Mathematics:
Geometry, the science of shape;
Arithmetic, the science of quantity;
Analysis, the science of change; and
Algebra, the science of structure.

Simultaneously depicted are major driving forces for mathematical innovation from Antiquity to Modern times. Highlighting the advances in Mathematics throughout human history while at the same time capturing the timelessness of mathematical discovery, the painting imparts the essential tension between progress and permanence- unique to Mathematics.

The artwork took six months of research and sketching, and two months of painting to complete. The original artwork was painted on large pieces of masonite, photographed, then printed onto high quality colorfast fabric and stretched to fit each window of the science labs individually.

Through this mural, the artist attempts to express the ways in which Mathematics connects the ancient and the modern, the abstract and the tangible, the foundational and universal.