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  • NYU IT provides licensed copies of Symantec Endpoint Protection at no cost to qualified NYU community members. For instructions on how to download, see the NYU IT Software page (log in with your NetID and password if prompted).
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the files on this page that are in PDF format.

Computer Disposal

Configuration Instructions

EduCause Security Awareness Videos 2009

  • Basic Security Tips: "Icon Ninjas" Internet Security PSA

  • 10 Most Common Passwords

  • Defend Against Spyware, Scams, and Phishing Attacks: "Cyber Security Awareness"

Frequently Asked Questions

General Computer Security

Informational Websites

Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices, such as smart phones, PDAs, and tablets, have evolved into miniaturized computers with advanced operating systems capable of running robust applications and storing gigabytes of data. These devices meet many needs, providing desktop-class computing features as well as ubiquituous connectivty. Regardless of whether your smart phone is NYU-purchased or not, it is essential that you enable the appropriate controls needed to ensure the security of the data stored and accessed on it.

For instruction on securing your mobile device, visit the NYU Smart Phones & Mobile Devices website Security section.

Social Networking

System Administration

Page last reviewed: July 1, 2015