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Report Spam and Phishing Attacks

Please see NYU Email: Handling email messages that appear to be phishing or scam attempts for instructions.

Report Threatening and/or Harassing E-mail

If you are receiving threatening or harassing email messages, immediately forward the message(s) to Technology Security Services at Be sure to include the headers of the email so that we may effectively resolve your request in a timely manner. If you feel that you are in physical danger, you should also call the NYU Office of Public Safety's emergency number: 1-212-998-2222 (8-2222 if dialing from an on-campus telephone).

Report a Computer Security Incident

If you would like to report a security incident to Technology Security Services, please send an email to Include a description of the incident, the IP address(es) of any computer(s) that were involved (if known), the time of the incident and the time zone that you are in, and any associated log files.

Comments, Concerns & Questions

We encourage you to send questions, concerns, suggestions, or general comments to

Page last reviewed: July 1, 2015