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Computer & Network Security

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  • Think your computer has a virus or worm? Try our General Virus Removal Instructions.
  • NYU IT provides licensed copies of Symantec AntiVirus and a link to Microsoft's Windows Defender antispyware tool. Both software are provided at no cost to qualified NYU community members; to download, log in to the NYU IT Software page with your NetID and password.

AntiVirus Software

Version 12.1.5 of Symantec Endpoint Protection software is now available for both Windows and Mac computers (including OX 10.10 Yosemite). Visit the NYU IT Software page for download instructions.

Have a technology Security concern?

For information on reporting spam or phishing attempts or other computer security incidents, see the Contact Us page.

About Technology Security Services

The Technology Security Services group (TSS) provides a wide variety of services to the general NYU community that help minimize the risk of a security incident. It is our mission to protect NYU's computer network and the data that is transmitted over it. TSS meets with NYU departments to discuss their security concerns, provides consultations on new projects, and educates University employees on how to safely and securely navigate NYU-NET resources.

TSS keeps in close contact with outside security organizations, researches new trends and industry happenings, and collaborates in disseminating new information to the general community. TSS monitors newsgroups and mailing lists for any new vulnerabilities or outbreaks in order to inform and protect NYU users. We are constantly seeking ways to enhance our services and to educate ourselves so that we can further protect the NYU community.

An overview of our services is provided below. For some important security recommendations, please explore the tabs above.

What We Do

Incident Investigation

TSS responds to incident reports regarding the security of NYU's computers, data, and networks. Incident response includes tracking down infected computers, contacting external Internet service providers, and monitoring network traffic for possible break-ins. TSS is involved in high-impact incidents such as emergency response, sensitive data disclosures, serious network events, and, when appropriate, participation in investigations conducted by either NYU Public Safety or external law enforcement agencies.

Vulnerability Scans

TSS continuously evaluates New York University's computers, networks, data, and personal workstations through a variety of methods, including general network scans. Upon request by systems administrators, our group will scan computers and networks to test for vulnerabilities and exploits.


The TSS group actively seeks to develop greater security awareness by educating the NYU community on how to safely use a variety of technologies. We identify, research, and promote "best practices" regarding the security of data and systems.

Through various means, the TSS group alerts the general NYU community of security issues and instructs users on computer security best practices. These methods include, but are not limited to, the Security Alerts mailing list, the Security Alerts section on NYU Home, and the Computer Security Alerts and Computer Security News web pages. The TSS group also publishes important security articles in Connect magazine.

As a result of research and development, we also implement new concepts for security training sessions and broader security initiatives.

Research and Development

TSS reviews existing and innovative communications applications and assesses secure applications for use at the University and in University projects. We also assist in instituting campus standards for security and review applicable policies and procedures in the context of these standards.

What We Can Do for Your NYU Department

Sensitive Data

Do you have systems that house sensitive data such as student or financial information? You can check with us on making and keeping this data secure. We can also answer questions about compliance with federal security requirements.

Security Applications

We have security applications such as anti-spyware and antivirus software available for you to protect your system. If there is other software you would like to use, feel free to contact us for advice.


We can meet with departments to discuss security precautions and explain how to implement security policies. We can arrange confidential meetings with anyone who is concerned about potential security problems or harassment.

Vulnerability Scanning

If you manage office computers, we can scan your new computers in order to make sure that there are no vulnerabilities.

Product Review

If you're investigating a new product, we can help you make sure that it is secure and adheres to any University policies.


We can recommend security-focused classes for system administrators and technical employees. We can also teach specifically tailored classes on security topics by request.

Systems Administrators

We provide specific tools and information for NYU systems administrators to better secure their networks. Systems administrators may login to for more information. If you are an NYU sys admin and are unable to login to the security sys admin website, contact

Page last reviewed: July 1, 2015