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  • If your research requires video, audio, or CD/DVD production, web-based multimedia, analog-to- digital conversion of materials, database development, or media streaming, contact the Digital Studio to request a consultation or access to our facilities.
  • ITS' Advanced Media Services offers facilities for the creation of museum-quality digital prints, laser-cut flat materials, and 3D color rapid prototyping.
  • See the sidebar on the Research Software page for links to training sessions and seminars offered by research software vendors.

ITS offers a wide range of technology resources and assistance targeted toward the research needs of NYU faculty. For more information, explore the tabs across the top of this page, or contact the Digital Studio to request a consultation.

Services & Resources

High Performance Computing

ITS provides access to and consultation in the use of high performance computing software and networks. If you or a member of your research group has high performance computing or networking needs—including visualization, simulations, or other data-intensive operations—visit the High Performance & Computational Resources page for more information.

Research Software

ITS provides a wide variety of software for use by NYU faculty and researchers. See the Research Software page for a complete list.

Data Services

Support and training in statistical, qualitative, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other types of data analyses are available through ITS, in collaboration with the NYU Libraries. Data Services also provides access to and assistance with a variety of high performance systems and research software. See the Data Services page on the Libraries website for more information.

Advanced Networking & Collaborating

Internet2 resources, real-time video communications tools, and support for network-based multi-site performances is available through ITS; see the Advanced Networking page and the Videoconferencing & Webcasting section below for more information.

Videoconferencing & Webcasting

Videoconferencing technologies offer exciting opportunities for research—desktop-to-desktop collaborations, guest seminar speakers from afar, multi-site conference participation, and more. ITS provides expert advice, technical support, and facilities for use of advanced Internet-based videoconferencing and webcasting, of multi-site collaboration, and of ISDN-based videoconferencing over digital telephone lines. Contact the Digital Studio or see the Videoconferencing and/or Podcasting pages for more information.

Affiliations & Collaborations

ITS has established partnerships and relationships with the following research computing organizations. If you have questions about these affiliations, please send email to

Science Faculty Resources Group on Technology

The Science Faculty Advisory Group on Technology is charged with facilitating ongoing communication among faculty, the central Information Technology Services (ITS) division and the academic leadership of the sciences including the Chairs, Deans and Provost with the goal providing an enhanced technological infrastructure for scientific research.

The group advises ITS and the Science leadership on issues of resource allocation, prioritization and the availability of centralized and customized resources.

The Science Faculty Advisory Group on Technology is convened jointly by a faculty member and a representative from ITS. The Steering Committee is comprised of the Senior Vice Provost for Research, the Dean of Science in the Faculty of Arts and Science, the Director of the Courant Institute for Mathematical Sciences and the Chief Information Technology Officer.

Click here to view the current list of representatives.

Other Affiliations & Collaborations

Page last reviewed: April 5, 2013