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  • Over a Terabyte (or roughly 1 trillion bytes) of data traverse NYU-NET every day!

Connect to NYU-NET & the Internet

NYU-NET is NYU's campus-wide, Internet-connected network of computers, computer-related equipment, and information resources. It is used by University students, faculty, administrators, and staff. Underlying NYU-NET is a collection of hardware, software, operating procedures, and policies that define and manage how NYU-based computers connect to each other and to the Internet.

There are a variety of ways to connect to NYU-NET whether you are on-campus or off-campus. Explore the navigation menu to the left for more information and instructions. ITS also provides software that will help you protect the security of your computer and data, and make the most of your NYU-NET connection.

Your NYU NetID and password are your key to most authenticated NYU-NET resources.

Connect Your Mobile Device

Instructions on how to configure a mobile device to access your NYU E-mail, Calendar, and other Google Apps for Education are available at Note that you will need to set a separate Google Apps password at, which is different from your NYUHome password, in order to connect.

Instructions on how to set up an NYU-provided mobile device (e.g., Blackberry, iPhone) are available at

Connect to NYU Web

To access NYU Web, the main NYU website, visit

Connect to NYUHome

NYUHome ( is an online service that provides information and facilitates collaboration, interaction and communication for all NYU students, faculty and staff. It is a portal to many web-based services and tools. All NYU community members with access to NYUHome use their NYU NetID and password to log in. For more information and activation instructions, see the NYUHome Help pages.

Connect to NYU Libraries Resources

Some NYU Libraries resources can be accessed through the Research Tab in NYUHome. Some online Libraries resources require a specific proxy configuration, so the subscription resources that NYU makes available to students, faculty, and staff recognize that you are a part of the NYU community. For more information on which Libraries resources require NYU-NET Proxy, and instructions on how to configure proxy settings for your computer, see the NYU-NET Proxy page of this website.

Page last reviewed: June 1, 2012