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Faculty Accounts

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IT Service Desk

24 hours, 7 days a week

In-Person Help
10 Astor Place, 4th Floor
9:00am-6:00pm, Mon-Fri

Global Locations
See for local Service Desk information.

Important Note

All users of NYU's computing and networking resources have responsibilities of which they should be aware.

See for an overview of the wide range of faculty-related IT services, and below for details about the few that require additional account approval.

NYU IT provides computer account related support for the NYU community. Faculty interested in the use of certain NYU IT computing resources may sometimes need to apply for specialized accounts and/or access privileges. Visiting faculty, please see Visiting Scholar accounts instead.

Hands-on Computer Classrooms

NYU IT offers NYU faculty the use of hands-on computer classrooms for class meetings that require in-class computer use by students. For more information, visit the Hands-on Computer Classrooms page, or click here to go directly to the online Computer Classroom Reservation Form.

Web Provider (i4)

A wide range of services are available for faculty to publish information online. NYU Classes is often the best service for distributing information online to your students. Personal and subject-specific websites can be published using NYU Web Publishing or NYU Sites. The Faculty Digital Archive is a resource that allows faculty to store and share digital resources on the web.

If one of these services does not meet your needs, you can apply for a Web Provider account, which would provide you with space on the NYU Web server ( These requests are subject to approval and availability.

Unix/Shell (i5)

These accounts, requested by an instructor on behalf of their class, give students access to Unix/Shell resources on NYU's i5 server for the semester. See NYU ServiceLink for more information, including a link to the application form.

Research and High Performance Computing

Faculty whose research requires the use of visualization systems, scientific software packages, and high performance computing resources should follow the instructions on the High Performance Computing wiki to request access. See the Research Computing page of this website for more information about available resources.

Page last reviewed: January 6, 2015