Offered Spring 2002

Meaning, Rules and Justification

The research seminar on Language and Mind will be conducted for the Spring of 2002 by Paul Boghossian and Paul Horwich (CUNY). It will meet in the Philosophy Department on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 7:00 PM. (A preparation session restricted to students enrolled in the course will meet Mondays from 5:00 to 6:00.) Papers for discussion will be available one week in advance and will be distributed at the preceding seminar. They can also be picked up at the Department of Philosophy, Room 503, Main Building, 100 Washington Square East. Many of the papers will also be available on this web page by clicking on the title of the paper.

The seminar will focus on work that addresses one or more of the following questions: Which facts, if any, constitute someone's meaning something by a word? What are the facts, if any, in virtue of which a person follows a given rule? What connection, if any, is there between the preceding two questions? Does being justified involve following rules? How does justification relate to meaning and can it derive solely from meaning?

Schedule of Visitors:

January 22, 2002:

Paul Horwich
CUNY Graduate Center

January 29, 2002:

Paul Boghossian
  • "Reasoning and Mental Content".

February 5, 2002:

Michael Williams
Johns Hopkins University

February 12, 2002:

Robert Brandom
University of Pittsburgh

February 19, 2002:

Barry Loewer
Rutgers University

February 26, 2002:

Kit Fine

March 5, 2002:

Tyler Burge
  • "Perceptual Entitlement".

March 19, 2002:

Ruth Millikan
University of Connecticut: Storrs

March 26, 2002:

Neil Tennant
Ohio State University

April 2, 2002:

Jerry Fodor
Rutgers University

April 9, 2002:

Crispin Wright
NYU and University of St. Andrews

April 16, 2002:

Peter Railton
University of Michigan

April 23, 2002:

Huw Price
University of Edinburgh

April 30, 2002:

Susan Haack
University of Miami

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