Offered Spring 1997

The seminar on Language and Mind will be conducted this Spring by Ned Block and Thomas Nagel and will meet Tuesdays from 4 to 7 PM. Papers for discussion will be available one week in advance and will be distributed at the preceding seminar. They can also be picked up at the Department of Philosophy, Main Building Room 503, 100 Washington Square East and that is where you can find the first paper. Many of the papers will also be available on this web page by clicking on the title of the paper. Inquiries should be addressed to Debbie Bula in the Department of Philosophy: 998-8320, The Seminar will meet in Meyer 771, 6 Washington Place.

Students may take this seminar for credit. For information on course requirements and meeting times, please see the Spring 1997 graduate course announcement.

Mailing List

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Schedule of Speakers

January 28 , 1997:

Stephen Stich
Rutgers University
  • The reading for this session is sections 1-10 of Stich's "Deconstructing the Mind", chapter one of his book of the same title (Oxford University Press)
  • February 4, 1997:

    Ned Block
  • "How to Find the Neural Correlate of Consciousness"
  • "On a confusion about a function of consciousness"
  • February 11, 1997:

    Colin McGinn
    Rutgers University
  • "Consciousness and Space", Journal of Consciousness Studies 2, no. 3, 1995: p 220-230
  • "The Problem of Philosophy", Philosophical Studies 76,1994:p 133-156
  • February 18, 1997:

    Brian Loar
    Rutgers University
  • "Phenomenal States" (second version)
  • February 25, 1997:

    Ned Block
  • "Conceptual Analysis and the Explanatory Gap"
  • March 4, 1997:

    John Gibbons
  • "Truth in Action"
  • March 11, 1997:

    Mark Johnston
    Princeton University
  • "It Necessarily Ain't So"
    Also, the following chapters from The Manifest:
  • excerpts from Chapter 1
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 7: Appearance and Reality
  • March 18, 1997:

    no meeting

    March 25, 1997:

    no meeting

    April 1, 1997:

    Sydney Shoemaker
    Cornell University
  • "Colors, Subjective Reactions, and Qualia"
  • "The Phenomenal Character of Experience"
  • April 8, 1997:

    David Chalmers
    University of Arizona at Tucson
    selected chapters from The Conscious Mind:
    The readings are sections 1/2/7 of chapter 3 and sections 1/2/4/5/6 of chapter 4. Chapter 2 and the rest of chapters 3 and 4 are background.
    Note: For copyright reasons, the following chapters can only be accessed with a password. Seminar participants should e-mail Professor Ned Block at to receive the password.
  • Chapter 2: Supervenience and Explanation
  • Chapter 3: Can Consciousness be Reductively Explained?
  • Chapter 4: Naturalistic Dualism
  • April 15, 1997:

    Fred Dretske
    Stanford University
  • "The Mind's Awareness of Itself"
  • April 22, 1997:

    Michael Tye
    Temple University
  • "Knowing What It Is Like: The Ability Hypothesis and the Knowledge Argument"
  • "Inverted Earth, Swampman, and Representationism"
  • April 29, 1997:

    Chris Peacocke
    NYU and Oxford University
  • "Conscious Attitudes, Attention and Self-Knowledge"
  • May 6, 1997:

    Tyler Burge




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