Offered Spring 2000


The seminar on Language and Mind will be conducted this Spring by Ned Block and Thomas Nagel and will meet Tuesdays from 4 to 7 PM. Papers for discussion will be available one week in advance and will be distributed at the preceding seminar. They can also be picked up at the Department of Philosophy, Main Building Room 503, 100 Washington Square East and that is where you can find the first paper. Many of the papers will also be available on this web page by clicking on the title of the paper. Inquiries should be addressed to Debbie Bula in the Department of Philosophy: 998-8320, The Seminar will meet in the Philosophy Department.

Students may take this seminar for credit. For information on course requirements and meeting times, please see the Spring 2000 Graduate Course Announcement.

Schedule of Visitors:

January 18, 2000:

Stephen Yablo

January 26, 2000:

John Perry
Stanford University
Please note that the date has been changed to Wednesday, January 26th.

February 1, 2000:

Ned Block
  • The Harder Problem of Consciousness

February 8, 2000:

Thomas Nagel
  • "The Psychophysical Nexus" [PDF] forthcoming in New Essays on the A Priori, edited by Paul Boghossian and Christopher Peacocke. (Those who are pressed for time can skip sections II, III, and IV, except for the first three pages of section III.)

February 15, 2000:

David Papineau
Kings College London

February 22, 2000:

Dan Dennett
Tufts University

February 29, 2000:

David Chalmers
University of Arizona, Tucson

March 7, 2000:

Susan Hurley
University of Warwick
  • Consciousness in Action, Chapter 5: Unity, Neurophysiology, Action. (This is a manuscript copy of Chapter 5 prior to copy-editing. Quotations should be taken from the printed version. By agreement with the publisher, this material is passworded and will be removed from this site within 4 months of the end of the course.)
  • "Making up Minds" (This is extra reading that will not be discussed on Tuesday.)

March 21, 2000:

Tyler Burge

March 28, 2000:

Alex Byrne

April 4, 2000:

Stephen White
Tufts University

April 11, 2000:

Robert Nozick
Harvard University
  • "The Function of Consciousness" (Copies are available in the Philosophy department.)

April 18, 2000:

Sydney Shoemaker
Cornell University

April 25, 2000:

Frank Jackson
Australian National University

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