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Sponsorship Opportunities

A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available at the Institute of Fine Arts to help you achieve your business development goals while also supporting our important mission of training the next generation of leaders in the academic discipline of art history, in the flourishing world of art museums, and in the increasingly complex field of art conservation. 

Opportunities for sponsorship include student grants, professorships, special lecture series, public receptions and conferences.  Please contact Kathryn Falato at kathryn.falato@nyu.edu  or 212-992-5837 to learn more.

Contact Kathryn Falato

212-992-5837 or kathryn.falato@nyu.edu

Institutional Supporters

Open link to Bulgari.com Open link to Cecilia De Torres Gallery Open link to Christie's website Open link to Coty's website Open link to Estee Lauder's website Open link to Gagosian's website Open link to Gagosian's website Open link to O2's website Open link to the Rijksmuseum website Open link to Ferragamo's website Open lin to Van Wyck's website

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