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Welcome to Digital Media Services and the Image Archives! Our web site contains information about our collections and services, as well as access to our on-line resources.

The Archives are comprised of more than a million images, in every imaging format practiced during the last century.  Included are approximately 150,000 local digital records, 500,000 35mm slides, 250,000 lantern slides (and the negatives from which they were made), 150,000 mounted black and white photographs, 10,000 postcards, and a variety of other archival materials covering the full range of the pedagogy of art history. The Archives are divided into on-line collections and resources, the Slide Library, the Photograph Archives, and off-site holdings.  For a detailed listing of our collections, click here .  PLEASE NOTE: The Photograph Archives, with the exception of the Loo-Caro Archives, are currently (2013-2014) in inaccessible off-site storage.  For more information, please contact the Manager.

Digital Media Services is the central image and imaging technologies resource at the Institute.  The staff provides a wide variety of services to the IFA/CC community, including maintenance of class-based on-line reserves and resources.  Information about photography, seminar image production, scanning instruction, technical support, equipment loans, and many other services are available.  The staff is eager to assist with any imaging project! For details about the services we provide click here.   

All classrooms in the Duke and Chan Houses are equipped with digital projectors and dedicated Mac computers.  Most classrooms have sound and lighting systems similar to those found in theaters.  Other presentation equipment is available on request, including overhead, slide and film projectors; flip charts, dry marker boards; video and DVD players and large monitors.  In-class technical support is also available by request.  Special equipment or staffing requests should be made well in advance of the class in which they are needed (one week is standard).  Contact the Support Technician in the Computer Services Department ( for assistance with equipment, and the Administrative Aide in Digital Media Services ( for assistance with staffing.

One-on-one instruction in object photography is available from the Photographer ( by appointment; one-on-one instruction in scanning and PowerPoint use is provided by the Imaging Services Supervisor ( by appointment; individual tutorials in on-line image search and database use are provided by the Manager (  Instructional workshops in image database use, including introductions to ARTstor, are held regularly throughout the year, and are taught by Digital Media Services staff.  Contact the Manager ( for more information.

Access to other image collections, both within and beyond NYU, is possible through special arrangement or by letter.  Contact the Manager for assistance.

The Digital Media Services staff maintains a running list of on-line image resources.  If you find a site that has been particularly helpful in your research, please let us know so we can add it to the list!

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