Digital Media | Computer Services

The Digital Media/Computer Services Department offers a full range of imaging and technological support to the Institute’s community.  Among our services are scanning on demand for students and faculty; image research assistance and the management of our local image databases; maintenance of shared computer workspaces, including labs in the Duke and Chan houses; assistance with data visualization and copyright issues; collaboration with the wide variety of resources available through NYU’s main IT offices; and much more. 

The Digital Media/Computer Services Department has a long history of innovation and development of exciting projects.

We are eager to help you with your research!

Jenni Rodda

“My areas of interest span the intersection of art history and librarianship, and I am fascinated with images--how they are made, how they are used, how they represent (or misrepresent) cultural objects.  It has been my privilege to help Institute scholars explore how technology impacts their work, and how they might better integrate technology into research, publication, presentation, and preservation.”

Jenni Rodda, Manager


Jason Varone

“My interest in art and technology date back to my time as a studio art major at NYU when I began combining digital technology with traditional painting. I enjoy bringing my perspective as an artist and a designer to the challenges that the Institute's community encounter when using technology to further their research.”

Jason Varone, Web & Electronic Media Manager