Digital Media Services and Image Archive

Formerly Visual Resources Collections

Services for Students

IFA students at all levels of study have access to a variety of resources through the Digital Media Services and Image Archive department (DMS).  Services for students include:

Scans for seminar presentations and papers. DMS will make high-quality scans on request for students, from books, existing 35mm slides or lantern slides, postcards; from just about anything.   Students can order 25 scans per presentation or paper, on a 3-to-5 day turnaraound.  For more information about scanning services, please contact the Curator ( or the Imaging Services Supervisor (

Help with image research. The DMS staff is available from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday when classes are in session, and will be happy to help you find what you need among the on-line resources available through NYU.  Please contact the Curator ( for more information.

Assistance with special AV needs. Want to add bells and whistles to your seminar presentation?  Need a special piece of equipment—a film projector, overhead, or large monitor?  We can help! We will work closely with the Computer Services department to meet your needs. Contact the Support Technician in the Computer Services Department ( for more information on what’s available and how to reserve it.

Access to the image library. IFA/CC students have unlimited access to one of the largest and most comprehensive image libraries in the discipline of art history, including a collection of hundreds of thousands of traditional photographs in a variety of historic archives, and more than 1 million digital images made available through NYU’s Artstor subscription.  The image library is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is located in the basement level of the Duke House.  Please contact the Curator ( for more information, or just come visit!

Help with photography. Our in-house Photographer is available for informal instruction in all things photographic, both analog and digital; and will be happy to make a new head-shot for you when you need one.  Contact her ( for more information.

Assistance with imaging and presentation softwares. The DMS staff works with the staff of IFA/CC Computer Services to provide the best possible back-up for all basic imaging and presentation softwares.  Have a questions about PowerPoint?  Artstor’s Offline Image Viewer?  PhotoShop?  HyperImage?  We can help!  Contact Computer Services or the Curator ( for more information or to make an appointment.

Services for Faculty

In addition to the services listed for students, the DMS provides the following services for IFA/CC faculty:

Scans on demand.  The DMS will make high-quality scans on request, on very short turnaround, for classes and publications.  Please contact the Curator ( or Imaging Services Supervisor ( for more information.

AV assistance.  A variety of unusual presentation equipment and the staff needed to run it are available for classroom use through the DMS.  Please contact the Support Technician in the Computer Services Department ( for more information. Help with photography.  Our in-house Photographer is ready to lend assistance with imaging for publications, new head shots, just about anything.  Please contact her for more information (

Image database assistance.  In addition to lending assistance with the University’s local image database, the DMS staff is happy to help with other database projects, in conjunction with the IFA/CC Computer Services staff and the NYU ITS staff.  Ongoing projects include contributions to SAHARA and development of HyperImage projects.  We also help with image database needs in remote locations:  for example, DMS student staff have collaborated with the staff of the Abydos Excavation in Egypt for the last five years.  Please contact the Curator ( for more information.

Class blogs and on-line course reserves.  The DMS staff help build and maintain the on-line presence of IFA/CC courses, including image reserves, blogs, and other services.  Please contact the Imaging Services Supervisor ( for assistance.

Faculty web pages and contributions to the Faculty Digital Archive (FDA).  The DMS staff will be happy to help update faculty web pages, including taking new photos on request.  The DMS is also the administrative contact for the Faculty Digital Archive (FDA), the University’s primary archival resource, and home to conference proceedings, papers, and other digital materials.  Please contact the Curator ( for more information.

Services for Outside Scholars

Outside scholars may conduct research in the IFA’s image library by appointment ONLY.  Please contact the Curator ( for more information.  Assisted photocopying and on-demand scanning services are available by request.  Fees vary depending on the service requested.  The image library is open to outside scholars by appointment, Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.