Current PhD Students

Dustin S. Aaron

Medieval art; Romanesque sculpture and architecture in Central Europe.

Edina Adam

Cristina Aldrich
Medieval Art, especially from the Iberian Peninsula; historiography; relics and reliquaries; art and architecture along pilgrimage routes; early medieval monasticism.
Sam Allen
History of photography; modern and contemporary art.

Lee Ambrozy 

Chinese Art History & Archaeology; Late Tang, Five Dynasties and Song Dynasties; 20th Century Asian art.

Alexa Sue Amore

Romanesque and Gothic sculpture and architecture, especially of France; materiality; medieval theories of vision and matter; social history of art.

Emily Bauman

Modern and Contemporary art and architecture.
Brian Bentley
Modern and contemporary art of the Americas; Brazilian new objectivity and new figuration; Afro-Brazilian art; censorship, new media, art as activism.
Daniella Berman
18th and early 19th century French art; Issues of spectatorship and reception; 17th century Rome and the foundations of the French Academy; Intersections between music, literature and visual art.
Alexander Bigman
Modern and contemporary art, especially minimalism, conceptual art and post-conceptual art in the United States and Great Britain; history and theory of photography; the political and historical optics of postmodernism.
Rachel Boate
Modern art in Europe with an emphasis on mid 20th century France and Germany; Historiography.

Julia Bozer

Ami Brett

Modern art and architecture.

Jennifer G. Buonocore

Modern and contemporary art and film with an emphasis on New York City in the 1960s and 1970s; artist-writers; methodological issues pertaining to memory, subjectivity, and translation; curatorial practice.

Stephanie Caruso

Late Antique and Byzantine Art.

Francisco J. R. Chaparro

Francisco Goya; Spanish art; art and culture of the Age of Revolution; history of photography.

Grace Chuang

17th and 18th century European Decorative Arts and Interior Design; Pre-Revolutionary French Art; History of Technology; Dissertation: Bernard II Vanrisamburgh, Master Cabinetmaker in Eighteenth-Century Paris.

Benjamin Clifford

History and Theory of Abstraction; Painting 1910-1970; Italian Art c.1600.

English Cook

Intersections between architecture, urban planning, and time-based media; phenomenology and intellectual history; cross-cultural exchange and the copy.
Anne Correll
Early Modern European/Flemish Art

Tianyuan Deng

Modern art.

Edouard P. Derom

Modern and contemporary art.

Adam Dunlavy

Postwar American art; History and theory of the avant-garde; History of photography.

Elizabeth Eisenberg

Italian Renaissance drawing, painting, and sculpture; the Florentine workshop; Medieval and Renaissance illuminated Hebrew manuscripts.
Brandon Eng
Modern and Contemporary Art.

Jordan Famularo

Italian art 1400-1600; gems and glyptics.

Hui Fang

Julia Pelta Feldman

Post-WWII American and European art; archival theory and practice; conservation history; exhibition history.
Hannah Feniak
Materiality of architecture; building political economies; history of labour, expertise and technology in the construction of ‘Modern’ architecture; especially in late-Franquista Spain.
Francesca Ferrari
European and Latin American art of the twentieth- and twenty-first-centuries; modernism, anatomy, and anthropometry; representations of the human face and abstract portraiture; the interwar avant-garde; international and transatlantic artistic exchanges; feminist art histories.
Annika Finne
History of Renaissance painting restoration.

Lizzie Frasco

19th and 20th century art of the Americas; Modern and contemporary Caribbean art; Mexican and European modernism.

Kristen Gaylord

Modern and contemporary art; history of photography.

Robert Geilfuss

Madeleine Glennon

Ancient Greek art and architecture; Phenomenology of sacred architecture and ritual.

Ayse Gnepp

Spatial relationship between objects and architecture within the cross-cultural currents of medieval Anatolia and Iran.

Lyla Halsted

Medieval Islamic Art and Architecture

Katerina Harris

Italian Renaissance art; late medieval art; the fifteenth century; funerary art; sculpture; portraiture; history of the late Middle Ages; history of emotions; history of response.

Charlotte A. Healy

Early 20th century European art and design, with a focus on Germany, Austria, and Switzerland; postwar American art; materials and techniques of modern art.
Brontë Hebdon
18th and 19th century French and British art; fashion and costume as methodology; print and material culture; portraiture and lithography.
Che-ying Hsu
Pre-Modern East Asian art, with a focus on Chinese calligraphy and painting in the 10th-14th centuries.

Briana Colleen Jackson

Ancient Egyptian art, archaeology, and religion; solar cult in the 18th Dynasty; Amarna Period; international relations in the 2nd millennium BC.

Da Hyung Jeong

Interfaces between architecture and conceptual art; Architecture as sculpture; Architectural photography; Postwar architecture in the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.

Robin Owen Joyce

He/him. Printmaking; 20th century Art of the United States, especially the 1930s; muralism; communication systems & media; anti-fascism; historical materialism.

Eana Kim

Modern and Contemporary Art; Intersection of art and technology; History of time-based media and performance art; Institutional Critique; Cultural exchange between Asia and America; Digital Humanities.

Megan Kincaid

Modern and contemporary art.

Marina Kliger

18th- and 19th-century European art, especially the Troubadour Style in First Empire and Restoration France; feminist theory and the gender politics of art; historical consciousness and revival styles.

Sophie Kroft

Predynastic and Old Kingdom Egyptian art and architecture.
Elizabeth Lee
Buddhist art and material culture; Northeast Asia during the 7th to 14th centuries; narratives of sacred space; contemporary art of East Asia; digital mapping and visualization.

Kirsten Lee

Archaic and Classical Greek Art.

Alexis E. Lowry

Emily Lyver

Modern and contemporary art of the Americas.

Anna Majeski

Italian art from 1300-1500, with a focus on the role of the Trecento; interest in Trecento artists during the Quattrocento.

Khaled Malas

Guillaume Malle

Late Antique and Early Medieval

Marlee Miller

Roman architecture and archaeology of gladiators and munera, the military, frontier zones, and urban planning esp. after large-scale destruction.

Sana Mirza

Islamic Art and Architecture

Desiree Mitton

Alexis Monroe

19th and 20th century American painting, with a special focus on landscape; the Hudson River School during the Civil War; regionalist landscape and literature from the 1890s-1920s; land art and Cold War aesthetics. Secondary research on landscape and abstraction in 15th-century Netherlandish painting.

Elyse Nelson

18th and 19th century European painting and sculpture, especially revolutionary and post-revolutionary era; history of photography; dissertation topic: Antonio Canova’s Late Career and British Patrons.

Andrea Nitsche-Krupp

Modern and contemporary art; Post-war and contemporary sculpture; Application of conservation concerns to art historical and museum practice.

Sam Omans

19th-20th century architecture, applied art; issues of political economy in design and manufacture.

Antonia Jasmine Pocock

Modern and contemporary art; Postwar American and European painting; Pop and appropriation; Photography and film.

Fatima Quraishi

Islamic Art and Architecture.

Louisa Raitt

Art of the Iberian Age of Expansion; Spanish Golden Age painting; Viceregal export objects; pilgrimage architecture; art patronage as expression of identity; artistic manifestations of religiopolitical and doctrinal controversies.

Christopher Richards

Medieval art; illuminated manuscripts; vernacular manuscripts; devotional images; medieval identity construction and performance; the post-medieval reception of medieval art; queer theory; psychoanalysis.

Susanne Ruembeli

Rebecca Salem

Greek art and archaeology; Cross-cultural exchanges; Digital humanities.

Saarthak Singh

South Asian & Islamic art, with a focus on religious architecture and urbanism in central India.

Johanna Sluiter

Blythe C. Sobol

18th century France, portraiture, gender and family; History of collecting; Costume.

Ksenia Soboleva

Lesbian artists and the AIDS Crisis in the United States, 1981-1996; queer art and theory; lesbian visual culture; performance studies.

Scarlett Strauss

Italian Renaissance (including global context, materiality, and word and image studies); Greco-Roman antiquity.

Tara Moran Trahey

Ancient Greece; 20th century Modern and Theory

Madeline Turner

Modern and contemporary art from Latin America; women artists in Mexico c. 1975 to 1985; gender, feminist, and performance studies.

Jeffrey Uslip

Postwar American art; The Age of Reagan; History of photography.

Abhilasha Vedantam Isaac

Islamic Art.

Xin Wang

Contemporary art; socio-technological conditions of visual culture

Anne Wheeler

Minimal, Post-Minimal and Conceptual Art.

Shek On John Yiu

Chinese Paintings

Yeorae Yoon

Chinese art history; late Ming and Qing Dynasties; 18th century Chinese art.

Wei Zhao

Pre-modern Chinese art, in particular, landscape painting in the Five Dynasties and the Song dynasty; East Asian material culture; Historiography of art.