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The IFA Excavations at Abydos, Egypt is working to preserve the mysterious Shunet el-Zebib, the only surviving example of Egypt’s earliest royal monumental building tradition and the immediate predecessor of the first pyramid.

Artists at the Institute:
Tehching Hsieh

The Samuel H. Kress Lecture:
Iris Schaefer, "New insights into the Genesis of Stefan Lochner´s Altarpiece of the Patron Saints of Cologne"

CAA 2015: Conservation and the Future of Art
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Judith Praska Distinguished Professor in Conservation Lecture
Salvador Muñoz Viñas: "Pride and Prejudice and Patina"

Jean-Joseph Chamant: The Lost Sketchbook, tells about the discovery and conservation of the eighteenth-century sketchbook found during an inventory of the library at Villa La Pietra

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