Archaeological Excavations in Samothrace, Greece

Since 1938, the Institute of Fine Arts has worked in the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, uncovering the home of its famous mystery cult with its series of great, marble buildings, dedicated by Philip II and his successors and seminal in the formation of Hellenistic architecture. At present, emphasis is on study and preparation of publications, as well as on conservation.

About the team

The American team, sponsored by the Institute of Fine Arts, began its work at the Sanctuary in 1938. Except for a hiatus during World War II, work at the Sanctuary has continued ever since.  The project's foundation was established in the many years of excavation and research conducted by Karl Lehmann, Phyllis Williams Lehmann, and most especially James R. McCredie, Director Emeritus of Excavations at the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, Samothrace. Bonna D. Wescoat, Professor of Art History, Emory University, is the current Director of Excavations at Samothrace. Find out more about the excavation on Emory University's website.