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Info for Advisers

At NYU Global Academic Centers, students have the incomparable opportunity to experience the culture of a foreign city firsthand with access to some of the country's most influential politicians, top journalists, distinguished musicians, and accomplished scholars. The curriculum offers content courses that explore the history, culture, and economy of the city.

NYU may already have approved certain courses offered for major or minor credit. Course equivalence charts are available for every semester. Please review them carefully. Helping advisees keep track of their academic progress—satisfying requirements, maintaining an adequate GPA, accumulating sufficient credits—is a basic part of the adviser’s job. Discussing your student’s progress avoids major problems later in the program, and shows them that you care. You should instruct students to check the statement of their academic progress through Albert—NYU’s online student information system—before coming to see you, or while they are in your office.

NYU's administrative staff and faculty in the destination city will help your student find their way around the city, as well as support them academically. Of course, NYU encourages all students enrolled abroad to remain in contact with their home adviser during their semester away from campus if they have any specific academic questions or concerns.

Study Abroad Advisers from Other Schools

NYU Global Programs enjoys working with students and study abroad advisers from colleges and universities throughout North America. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to better accommodate you or your students. Services we are happy to provide you include:


Each NYU Study Abroad program offers a unique curriculum that makes ample use of the city's resources. Most classes include field trips and site visits. In most locations, there is a required course in either the host country language or on the history and politics of the host country. Courses are taught in English, but students who are proficient in the language of the host country have opportunities to take courses in the local language.  Site specific course offerings and academic programs can be found on the academics section of each Global Academic Center section on this site. You can also find a list of all course offerings, organized by department here.

To make study abroad more accessible to students from a variety of different majors, especially those which entail particularly structured courses of study (e.g. pre-med students or business students), NYU has created many specialized programs at NYU sites abroad and offers courses which commonly fulfill major or minor requirements. These are in addition to many of the language, culture and history courses you’d expect to find when studying abroad.

• Environmental Studies

• Public Health
• Music in Prague
• Spanish Language Immersion in Madrid
• Science in London or Sydney
• Journalism Abroad
• Pre-Law Abroad
• Economics and Business Abroad
• Art and Art History Abroad
• Sociology Abroad
• Communications Abroad

For more details, please review the special programs page under the academics section of each site.

Many of our sites offer students an opportunity to directly enroll in local universities. This not only expands the variety of courses available to students, but also allows more interaction with local students and introduces students to a new perspective on teaching and learning.

NYU Accra enjoys a strong multicultural exchange with scholars and students at our  partner university in Accra, the University of Ghana-Legon. Many students compliment their studies at the NYU academic center by enrolling directly in one or two courses at Ghana-Legon.

NYU London has a partnership with the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), one of the world's preeminent centers for research in African studies. This exciting program is open to both NYU and non-NYU students during the fall term.

Students at the advanced Spanish level who study at NYU Madrid may take a course at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid for a full academic year or spring semester.

NYU Paris has a formal student exchange arrangement with the University of Paris VII (Denis Diderot), which permits NYU in Paris students to take courses at other branches of the University (Paris I, III, X) and specialized institutions such as the Institut d'Études Politiques, Ecole Normale Supérieur, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales and Institut Catholique. Students who are at the advanced French level may take courses in French at all branches. Students who are not proficient in French may take courses in English in the Departments of Anglo-American Studies at the Universities of Paris III, VII and X. 


Have questions about courses or academic policies at the Global Academic Centers?  Please don't hesitate to email

Community Service, Volunteering, and Internship Opportunities

Community service is a very strong and exciting component of the study abroad experience in Accra. Past students have found this aspect of the program personally rewarding and a great opportunity to give something back to the society. At NYU Accra students can dedicate their time to volunteer work at their own time outside of the classroom or enroll in a credit-bearing seminar in social and cultural analysis. For more information about the seminar class please click here


NYU Florence students can contribute time to the local community during their own time outside of the classroom or by taking a credit-bearing seminar class.  Please refer to the course listings for descriptions of credit-bearing work opportunities in Florence. 

 Students with advanced French proficiency may participate in short-term and semester-long community service opportunities. Former community service placements include:

• The American Library in Paris 
• The Salvation Army (L’Armée du Salut)
• American Cathedral in Paris Mission Lunches
• Le Sport dans l’Hôpital - help hospitalized children participate in sports 

Being involved in an experiential learning opportunity is a unique way to engage with local Australians, become familiar with and contribute to the operation of a company or organization, and further enhance your degree and study away experience in Sydney. Learn more here.

NYU Berlin student services staff helps student secure volunteer opportunity on a casa-by-case basis. 

NYU London students will find a commitment to community service through volunteer activities organized by the student life staff. Some opportunities require a semester-long commitment while others offer the possibility to commit to a short term project for a day or weekend.  Please note: students interested in volunteering in London must obtain a Full Student Visa so they will be entitled legally to undertake any volunteering or unpaid community service placement.

 Each semester approximately 15 organizations offer unpaid internships to select NYU in Prague students. These internships usually require 6 – 10 hours per week and give students an opportunity to meet leaders in the arts, politics, NGOs, economics, and media.

 At NYU Tel Aviv, students have unique opportunities to intern with one of numerous organizations including businesses, media outlets, and museums.

At NYU Buenos Aires students can dedicate their time the local community outside of the classroom or by taking a credit-bearing seminar class.  

The NYU Buenos Aires staff gives all admitted students the opportunity to complete a community service survey before arrival. Applicants are then placed in community service positions based on level of Spanish language proficiency, schedule, and interests. The service options range from being completely in Spanish to completely in English. Most of the volunteer opportunities require a commitment of 5 to 10 hours per week.

Community Service opportunities for students are rare at NYU Madrid. In Spain community service is very different than in the United States: they often ask for experience, request training (usually one or two days) and 100% commitment is usually required. However, there are internship opportunities and students with highly advanced Spanish may participate in them. 

 NYU in Shanghai holds a volunteer fair each semester during orientation. There are regular and event-based volunteer opportunities in environmental, educational, health, and community building organizations.

Students attending NYU Washington, DC have access to a robust internship program that has placed students in positions in The White House, Department of Education, United States Congress, and more. Students can coordinate with a supportive student life staff to learn more about volunteering and community service opportunities.

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Upcoming Application Deadlines

Spring Semester

Priority: September 15

Regular: October 15

Applications received after October 15 will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Admission will be granted only when space is available and time allows for required travel documents to be attained.   

Program Calendars

Dates for the semesters vary. The calendars at NYU's Global locations may start earlier or later than NYU in New York due to program orientations and the observance of local holidays. The number of classroom hours, however, is the same at all locations. The arrival dates, start of classes, and end dates, and important academic deadlines for the current semester at each global site can be viewed on the calendars page.

Grades & Transcripts

Visiting students request their NYU transcript from the NYU Office of the Registrar. A typical NYU course is worth 4 points (credits). A full-time semester load is 12 – 18 points. Instructions on requesting a transcript can be found on our Policies and Procedures page here.

Do you have a question about courses?

Please contact our Global Academics team at 

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