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Faculty, Administrators, and Staff Campaign

Welcome to the 2016 Faculty, Administrators, and Staff Campaign

The Faculty, Administrators, and Staff Campaign gives us an opportunity to strengthen our NYU community and have a positive impact on the lives our students. This year, the Campaign is encouraging gifts to support the 1831 Fund or any scholarship or fellowship fund.

The 1831 Fund was launched in 2010 by members of the undergraduate senior class to create scholarships for students, by students. Gifts to the 1831 Fund will support need-based scholarships for incoming NYU freshmen and transfer students. Without scholarship assistance, these students may not be able to pursue their NYU dreams.

You can also show your dedication by making a gift to a scholarship or fellowship fund that is meaningful to you. Your gift will also benefit NYU’s Momentum Scholarship Campaign, our commitment to raise $1 billion for scholarships by 2017. Together, we are investing in the students and programs that build our NYU community.

All gifts to the campaign are voluntary, and your decision to make — or not make — a gift will have no effect on your job status. Thank you so much for your support of NYU students.

For questions regarding the Faculty, Administrators, and Staff Campaign or the 1831 Fund, please contact Shenese Jones at 212-998-6984.

Building Our Community Together

"I will never be able to fully express how thankful I am that you've contributed to my education all these years. I hope you know that I've found more happiness, purpose, and motivation at NYU than I have in my entire life. Before, my dreams were just that - dreams. Now, they're actual opportunities I can envision a path to achieving. I will never forget the impact your generosity has had on my life."

— Victoria Cana, Steinhardt ’16

NYU Momentum: Unlocking Potential, Unleashing Ambition—Created by Students: Graham Raubvogel (TSOA '16) and Sandra Tan (TSOA '16).


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