Bob-Catalyst Challenge for Alumni of the Last 10 Years

Illustration by Grace Noh (STEINHARDT '17)

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We are racing toward the start of a new academic year and we need your help! What is BOB-CATALYST and why should I participate?

  • When you join the BOB-CATALYST Challenge for graduates of the last 10 years, you become a catalyst of change for future NYU students.
  • Your gift creates scholarships for qualified students who otherwise could not attend NYU.
  • Help us reach 1,500 donors by August 31 and unlock prizes along the way.
  • Bobcat is gearing up too! Your gifts will be the "energy" he needs to complete the race. Check on Bob's progress as he navigates the course.

Thanks for helping us cross the finish line by August 31!

1500 donations towards our goal of 1500

Check back to see our campaign progress!

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For questions regarding the BOB-CATALYST Challenge, please email