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2010 Fund FAQ

2010 Fund Preliminary Guidelines

This draft document seeks to present preliminary guidelines for projects initiated under the vision of the 2010 Fund.

Purpose of the Fund

The Fund supports projects that enhance or contribute to holistic community development in and of Abu Dhabi. Initiatives that receive funding must engage the Abu Dhabi community in a social, educational, and sustainable manner, facilitating the realization of innovative ideas.

Preliminary Regulations

  • Each project team must be no larger than 4 members.
  • Each individual project proposal must account for a budget of no more than USD $5,000.
  • Students are required to plan projects that end at least one month before their expected graduation date.
  • Project leaders will, in writing, commit to fully execute their projects and will update the Alumni Relations Office on a scheduled basis.


Applications, found online on the Student Portal, must be submitted by October 15th. The Approval Committee will have a two-week timeframe to review applications.

Criteria for Eligible Projects

  • Applicant(s) must be enrolled full-time at NYU Abu Dhabi.
  • All applications must be submitted by the October 15th deadline to the Alumni Relations Office; late submissions will not be accepted.
  • Only one funding request per project per academic year will be considered.
  • Only one funding request per project per academic year will be considered.
  • A feasible timeline that allows for reasonable time to complete the service project within budget boundaries.

Preliminary Approval Committee Criteria

3 Core components, 2 Feasibility components, 1 Innovation component

Core Component: Social

  • To what extent does the project involve a particular community or set of communities? How efficiently does the project tie in different parties and mediate issues between them?

Core Component: Educational

  • How does the project provide a lasting educational impact on involved community members? Is the skeletal structure of the project replicable in other cities, perhaps even other countries?

Core Component: Sustainable

  • To what extent will the project continue to benefit the impacted community or communities in the UAE and beyond? Is the project self-sustaining after initial seed funding from the 2010 Fund?

Feasibility Component: Budget

  • Is the project achievable under the US $5,000 cap? Is the appropriation of funds responsible and spaced strategically to efficiently benefit project progress?

Feasibility Component: Timeline

  • Is the project timeline reasonable, allowing for ample time and Approval Committee oversight? Does the project continue past first-year progress?

Innovation Component

  • How unique and innovative is the project in incorporated design?

Approval Committee

At the onset of each academic year an Approval Committee will be formed, comprised of the following:

  • An official representative from the Alumni Relations Office (Advisor)
  • 2010 Fund Inaugural Committee Member (Advisor)
  • Two members from the most recently graduated class
  • Senior Class Representative (Chair)
  • Junior Class Representative
  • Nominated Senior Class Member

Post-project initiatives

  • Completed projects will be featured in press releases on national newspapers and the NYU homepage, as well as local publications including the NYUAD Salaam Blog
  • Projects will also be featured on the Alumni quarterly newsletter
  • Project organizers will be invited to a yearly alumni event to share and interact with alumni.
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