All NYU Florence students are required to live in NYU-arranged housing. Whether you live on NYU’s breathtaking estate, in an Off-Campus Apartment and Residence Hall, or in a Homestay, our housing options will help make your stay in Florence truly memorable. Florence is a city where you can easily walk or use public transportation to get anywhere. Most upper-class students live off campus in Apartments and Residence Hall, and Homestays located in and around the city center, although a small number may live on campus. The freshman class is required to live on the estate. Regardless of where students live, they are supported by Residence Life Staff (Residence Hall Managers and Peer Advisors).

Natalia and Colletta are the two campus villas dedicated to student housing.  On campus housing is traditional dormitory-style living with standard bedrooms, en-suite or hallway bathrooms, and lounge facilities.  The housing fees for this option include a meal plan (breakfast and dinner daily), Wi-Fi, and a cleaning/linens service.  Villa Natalia has computer stations and exercise room to which all students have access.  

Off-Campus Apartments and Residence Hall are leased by the University and considered part of the NYU Florence housing program. An apartment suite has bedrooms, shared bathrooms, and its own kitchen where students can cook their meals. A residence hall is dormitory-style and has single and double bedrooms with private bathrooms, shared kitchen, laundry room and study rooms. Off-Campus Apartments and Residence Hall are high-occupancy living arrangements with amenities such as Internet and a cleaning/linens service.

Homestays are also part of the housing program and come with or without a meal option. Living with a family is a great opportunity to learn Italian quickly and get to know Italian life first hand. Students who live in Homestays without meals have access to the family's kitchen.


Off-Campus Apartments are the most popular option chosen by upper-class students when they go to Florence.

The freshman class is required to live on the estate in Villa Natalia or Villa Colletta.

Homestays are a unique opportunity to fully experience the Italian culture. There is no language requirement for living in a Homestay.

The Off-Campus Residence Hall is a new student housing option centrally located in the city of Florence. The residence hall is scheduled to open in August. In the event of delays, all students who have been assigned Via Salvagnoli will receive housing accommodation until they are able to move into the building.

Costs - Fall 2022/Spring 2023 Rates*:

Should you cancel your study away term, be aware of the published cancellation fee schedule that outlines important deadlines and applicable fees.

Off-Campus Apartments

Single: $9,782
Double: $7,506
Triple: $6,765
Quad: $5,951

On-Campus Villas

Single: $10,540
Double: $9,226
Triple: $8,660
Quad: $8,371


Single / With meals: $9,006
Double / With meals: $7,887
Single / No meals: $7,887
Double / No meals: $6,736

Off-Campus Residence Hall

Single - $8,100

Double - $6,100

* Above are the proposed fall 2022 and spring 2023 semester rates for the Florence study away site. Final rates are pending board of trustees approval in summer 2021. Rates inclusive of board are noted. Room rates are site specific and are generally determined by room type, rental costs, and associated support services.  The figures cited in NYU's Cost of Attendance are based on annual room and board rates at NYU's location in New York.