Students gather in a piazza to socialize.

Villa la Pietra

Villa La Pietra is the jewel in the crown of New York University's global program. Bequeathed to NYU in 1994 by Sir Harold Acton, the Florentine study abroad campus consists of 5 historic villas and 37 acres of gardens and olive groves. Villa La Pietra, the Acton Collection, and the Garden are maintained as they were by the Acton family and serve as an inspiration to all who live and study on the campus.

The Piazza - Hub of the Neighborhood

Piazzas are important public squares in Florence and throughout Italy where people hang out and meet up. They act as the central part of each neighborhood and they usually correspond with an important monument or church. Most piazzas are always crowded with tourists and locals alike, and offer street entertainers and peddlers selling things. There are also lots of cafés that run along the borders of piazzas so you can enjoy some good Italian coffee while people-watching. Italians take great pride in their piazzas and utilize them as much as possible so you should definitely follow their example. If you are ever bored, take a stroll to the nearest piazza and you are guaranteed to find something interesting to see or do.

NYU Sponsored Excursions 

Every semester, NYU Florence organizes several day and weekend trips to nearby cities and towns to introduce you to Italian culture. Some of these excursions are required components of your course work and are included in the cost of your tuition. Take advantage of the NYU sponsored trips. They are free and to places you might not know to check out on your own.


Health & Wellness

The NYU Student Health Center and the Department of Campus Safety work closely with program staff to plan for safe, healthy, and enriching opportunities long before you arrive. You will be introduced to many of these services in the months leading up to your program abroad while others will be explained in detail during the mandatory on-site orientation. Get a head start on familiarizing yourself with global health and wellness resources by visiting the NYU Student Health Center website.