An 18th century tapestry

The conservation of the large 18th century Aubusson Tapestry “The Palace of Circe” (designed by Jean-Baptiste Oudry around 1760) spanned a decade and has just now been completed. Villa La Pietra takes the opportunity of the redisplay of this wonderful work of art to shed light on the meaning of the story of Circe in the context of European eighteenth-century culture. The symposium will also include an analysis of the conservation treatment, the collecting taste in the Acton home and the cultural significance of the tapestry.

Speakers will include: Larry Wolff and Perri Klass, Co-Directors, NYU Florence, Francesca Baldry, Acton Collection Manager; Loretta Dolcini, Art Historian; Costanza Perrone Da Zara and Claudia Beyer, Textile Conservators; Constanze Güthenke, Associate Professor of Greek Literature, E.P. Warren Praelector, Corpus Christi College, Giulia Sissa, Department of Classics, UCLA; and Peter Sahlins, Berkeley.

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Event Details

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
10:00 - 18:00
Villa La Pietra
Via Bolognese, 120
50139 Firenze, Italia

Featured Biographies

Headshot of Perri Klass

Perri Klass

Professor of Journalism and Pediatrics, New York University and Co-Director, NYU Florence
Headshot of Francesca Baldry

Francesca Baldry

Collection Manager, NYU Florence
Headshot of Larry Wolff

Larry Wolff

Silver Professor of History; Executive Director, Remarque Institute NYU; Co-Director, NYU Florence
Panelist Loretta Dolcini

Loretta Dolcini

Art Historian
Panelist Costanze Guthenke

Constanze Güthenke

Professor of Greek Literature, Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford
Panelist Anthony Padgen

Anthony Padgen

Distinguished Professor, in the Departments of Political Science and History, UCLA
Panelists Costanza Perrone Da Zarra and Claudia Beyer

Costanza Perrone Da Zara and Claudia Beyer

Textile Conservators
Panelist Giulia Sissa

Giulia Sissa

Professor of Classics and Political Science at the University of California Los Angeles
Panelist Peter Sahlins

Peter Sahlins

Professor Emeritus, UC Berkeley