Alfabeti del Corpo: Gender, Translation, and Activism
April 18-19, 2024
Villa Sassetti


Public Events

African American Women, Italy, and the Media: An Historical and Contemporary Perspective
February 5, 2024
Villa Sassetti

Italy-Libya: from Genocide to Diplomatic “Friendship”
February 12, 2024
Villa Sassetti

Ways of Seeing
February 22, 2024
Villa Sassetti

Mandami una Cartolina!
March 12, 2024
Art Studio Colletta

Varco Appennino - A Conversation with Simone Donati
March 28, 2024
Villa Sassetti


Campus Community Events

‘Terra Firma’ Firenze
Spring 2024
Villa La Pietra

NYU Florence Radio Listening Party
February 13, 2024
Aula Giardino
An Evening Dedicated to Sir Harold Acton with a Cup of Tea
February 27, 2024
Villa La Pietra
Museum Meetings
Spring 2024
Villa La Pietra

"I Care"
February 14, 2024
Villa La Pietra
Making the Most of Your Time on a Tuscan Villa Estate
January 22, 2024
Villa Sassetti
Silhouettes of people

Media Narratives and Immigration in Italy
February 20, 2024
Villa Sassetti
From a Family Collection to a House Museum
February 1, 2024
Villa La Pietra
Speaking back to the 
February 26, 2024
Villa Sassetti


Past Events