Packing Tips


Always pack lightly! Remember that you will want to buy souvenirs and other random purchases while you're away and you'll need to be able to get everything back!  One common rule of thumb is to pack everything you think you'll need and then take 1/2 of it away.  Think of it as a challenge!


You should also bring an overnight bag as your carry-on.  Pack everything you’ll need for at least two or three nights in your carry-on: underwear, pajamas, a clean shirt, socks, tooth brush, deodorant, hairbrush…so you’ll be prepared if your luggage gets lost or delayed. (This happens more than you think and you'll be so thrilled you were prepared if it happens to you!) Also be sure to have any valuables including all electronics (computer, iPod, camera, etc.), copies of prescriptions, etc in your carry-on luggage.


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  • Backpacker bags and/or duffel bags may be easier for travel, especially jumping on local transportation. If you use a bag on wheels, it may be better to use a small suitcase for travel, instead of a large one.
  • Book bag for weekend trips and groceries is useful.
  • Be sure to contact your airline before you pack to find out how many pieces of luggage they'll allow you to check and what their weight restrictions are. These restrictions may vary by airline.


Suggested items:

  • Adapters
  • Battery-operated travel alarm clock.
  • Any medication you need (and copies of the prescription written in the generic term).
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Camera (with battery charger)!!
  • Toiletries you love – the brands are different abroad and some things can be expensive.
  • Measuring cups if you like to cook (especially if you are not used to the metric system).


You DO NOT NEED to bring:


  • Guidebooks - The NYU library has a travel book on just about everywhere you might go. Of course, you'll want to bring along the city guide you received with your acceptance packet.
  • Pillows and sheets – NYU provides these items in the dorms.  You should plan to bring at least one towel.
  • Ladies - Wherever you go you'll be walking a lot, so resist the urge to bring heels for everyday dress.
  • Electronics - Plan to purchase small electronics (like hair dryers) locally.


If you plan on traveling:


  • Flip-flops for the hostel showers.
  • Towels for the hostels.
  • Locks (some people felt they needed a lock for their bag).
  • Do not pack new clothes for every day of your trip!
  • Do not bring valuables that you do not need!


Also do not forget your passport!!