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The European Union has the world´s largest GDP; the world´s third largest population; and is among the highest ranking in the world for health, education and living conditions. Through NYU Florence´s The EU in Focus series, students will learn about what the EU is, its history, how it works and its role in the global economy. Students who participate in a working group linked to the series will develop a deeper understanding of how EU policy-making works through the study of two specific policy areas and will further their knowledge through a trip to Brussels where they will visit the European institutions and meet with experts to find out how the policy-making process works from the inside.

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The aim of the Documentary Photography: Through the Lens series is to explore photography as a visual language to communicate ideas - political, religious, social and environmental - and to build a narrative that creates interesting intersections between the personal and the public. NYU Florence professor Alessandra Capodacqua creates a series of talks and workshops by renowned international documentary photographers who present their work and discuss the importance of documenting our world through photography. A series of workshops allows students to work in small groups with the photographers, who further share their experience and expertise, provide practical training and individual feedback on students' work.

David J. Travis Undergraduate Reserach Fund

David J. Travis Undergraduate Research Fund

The David J. Travis Undergraduate Research Fund is established to encourage undergraduate research in the field of Modern Italy. Professor of History at NYU Florence for over 10 years and Academic Director from 2000 until 2010, Professor David Travis is remembered for his love of teaching, commitment to his students, and deep belief in how a global experience could benefit them, as well as for his generosity as a colleague, his passion for his field, and his love of Tuscany.

Proposals for a broad range of issues focused on modern Italy from 1861 to present, from any disciplinary perspective will be considered. Students interested in applying for this funding will need to complete the attached application. Each student must work with a faculty mentor on their project. A faculty mentor will be asked to write an initial letter of academic support for the student and the proposal. Upon completion of the student project, the faculty mentor will be asked to confirm and approve the project. All applications will be reviewed by a committee of faculty members with a variety of expertise.

Application Deadline:

Fall semester: no later than October 7th
Spring semester: no later than February 16th

Deadline for completed projects and follow up reports:

Fall semester: last day of the program (mid December) for the completed project with a follow up report from the student delivered by January 15;
Spring semester: last day of the program (mid May) for the completed project with a follow up report from the student delivered by June 15.