Students handing out medals at the finish line of the Florence half marathon

Community Engagement at NYU Florence

NYU Florence offers students the opportunity to engage with the Florentine community through off campus volunteer activities and placements which vary based on the student’s availability, academic interests and language skill level.

There are two levels of participation:

  • Short-term, single day, community-wide events
  • Sustained weekly interaction with a local school, or nonprofit association

Some students choose to do both! The experience is well worth it!.

Weekly English Language Service Options

NYU Florence student working with children in Le Curandaie's Creativity Lab

Weekly Italian Language Service Options

NYU Florence student giving a tour at the Museum of the Misericordia di Firenze

Single Day Service Options

NYU Florence students participating in Corri la Vita, walking along the Arno river

How to Apply

These are just some examples of our Community Engagement offerings. We update our list every semester. Students will receive information about the program and how to apply upon arrival at NYU Florence. 

Please note that Community Engagement is a volunteer program and not a non-credit internship program. NYU Florence does not permit non-credit internships. If you are interested in a for-credit internship at NYU Florence, please visit the NYU Florence Academic Internship webpage for more information.

To learn more about Community Engagement at NYU Florence please contact Enrico Buonincontro, the NYU Florence Community Engagement Coordinator, at