NYU Florence campus is set on a 57-acre estate, overlooking the city of Florence, with five villas, open grounds and olive groves. The La Pietra campus lies one mile outside of the medieval city walls and a fifteen minute bus ride from the center.

The centerpiece of the campus, Villa La Pietra, is a magnificent 15th-century villa and house museum that contains a collection of early Renaissance art and home furnishings. Villa La Pietra has classrooms and offers a wide range of lectures and seminars open to NYU students. You’ll be able to attend a talk on Italian cinema in the villa’s grand and beautifully restored ballroom, or listen to chamber music or a jazz ensemble in the grand salon which is filled with amazing art and period furniture.

Four other villas complete the estate: Ulivi, Sassetti, Natalia, and Colletta. Villa Ulivi, the academic heart of NYU Florence, is where you'll take the majority of your classes. Ulivi contains classrooms, a reading room/library, computer labs, conference and seminar space, faculty offices and an Italian-style café. There is a separate art studio nearby, and music practice rooms. Ulivi is also home to the student information center where you may attend lectures, meet with faculty and staff for advisement, learn about planned day trips and excursions, or just relax and hang out with your classmates.

In addition to the facilities in Ulivi, the two villas that are residence halls, Viilla Natalia and Villa Colletta, are equipped with reading rooms and a computer lab.


Computers and Library

Students have access to three computer labs on campus and a small reading room/library with internet access to the local online catalog and BobCat on the main campus. All on-campus buildings have wireless access in common areas. Some student residences also have internet access.


Florence Writing Center

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in Villa Ulivi’s Aula Belvedere, offers feedback on any type of writing, at any stage in planning or drafting.  Students may sign up for a consultation at and submit a working draft or ideas a day in advance to  Drop in for a consultation M-Th, but appointments are given priority.


NYU Florence campus map