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Perri Klass

Co-Director, NYU Florence
headshot of Perri Klass

Larry Wolff

Co-Director, NYU Florence
headshot of Larry Wolff

The Empty Ballroom

by Perri Klass and Larry Wolff in Healing not Broken, a special issue of The Florentine 

The opening of the spring semester at NYU Florence began with orientation at the end of January on an unexpectedly springlike day, when the sun was shining and the new students were visiting the gardens. We greeted them all in shifts in the ballroom of Villa La Pietra, talked about how thrilling it had been for us to come to Italy, and Florence of course, for the first time when we were college students in the 1970s; we tried to give them some idea of the range of beautiful and interesting things that they would discover over the course of a semester in Florence. We explained about the Acton Collection that surrounded us in the ballroom, pointed out the magnificent 18th-century Aubusson tapestry, Palace of Circe, which came out of restoration and returned to the ballroom wall last fall. Read more

The Palace of Circe Tapestry Symposium